Initial Concept Exposure.

WEB TRANSLATORS NOTE: There is no quick way to fully explain the Big Bong-Peace Pipe Project, certainly not in a single sentence or sound bite, nor in a single paragraph,  poem or even a page, however, the following information should dispel any doubts as to the viability of the long term and short term goals of this project. Oh, by the way, a quick word on the subject of the many sublinks in this web construct.

The Story so far?

The 29th of June 1994 was just another day for most of the population of the planet Earth, myriad great and small things happened on that exact orbit of the Sun, but certainly, no more, nor less, than had happened on any of the other preceding ?,???,???,???,??? or so trips around the Sun that Planet Earth had made.

It was on this day that an embryonic idea materialized and went looking for a brain to have it. Perhaps it wasn't the first time that this idea went looking for a brain, that is beyond our knowing and besides the point, the idea could have occurred to anyone, but on this particular day the idea found just the brain it thought it was looking for.

The brain it found was a most opportunistic brain and once the brain had hold of the idea, it wouldn't let it go, for it was just the kind of idea that the brain had been looking for for quite some time.

The brain had dropped out of mainstream society a couple of orbits before the idea came to it and had dedicated itself to becoming a writer and poet. Perhaps it was this fact that had initially attracted the idea, that too is beyond our knowing, but considering the complex nature of the idea, highly likely.

Equipped with the idea the writer now began a strategic campaign to alert the rest of the population of the planet to the potentialities of the idea. The idea, of course was The Big Bong Theory, it first appeared as a one page satirical cartoon inside the back page of the second edition of a slender volume of poetry entitled "Two of Infinity." This was copyrightingly posted around the world in August of 1994, much to the poets dismay, the one page cartoon of the Big Bong was by far the most talked about page in the book.

This one page Cartoon evolved into the First Big Bong Propaganda Pamphlet, this was distributed just prior to Xmas '95. It was a 40 page "novel out line" with cartoons, (Actually, it was the skeleton of what became the first 8 chapters of the novel,) this was distributed amongst Big Bong Believers in Sydney, London and Dallas. At this early stage it was still mainly a satire on the Big things that dot the Australian tourist road map and was originally conceived as a parody on the Sydney Olympics in the Year 2000.

In reality this bananna is BIG, well at least to 5 year old kids.

Heard a rumor about attaching a gigantic beard to this building and beginning to market sex toys under the Banner "the Bearded Clam"

more a gas station than a symbol of prawn-shrimpness.

The basic story line is that of a poet who builds a statue of a Peace Pipe, gathers all the worlds leaders together, or people who look like them, locks them inside the Big Bong until they are all friends, thereby causing world peace to be seen to have happened. Image, as the pop pundits say, is everything.

The Novel.

Working backwards from usual, the Big Bong Theory was written in such a way so as to be the basis for a movie about the construction of a movie set of a statue to wwworld peace, the point being that the entire BBt-PPP should be considered a work of multi media ART and should be dealt with in that context.

It's a real book, (International Standard Book Number, 0 646 24215 6) and therefore a real movie can be made of it, one that requires the construction of a real movie set and that is what this wwwebzone is really all about, the journey to find the right place to erect the real thing.

The Movie.

There are two "Moving Picture" productions actually, the first is a real time / live to the WWW series of time lapse style images. Where we will be inducing what I call The Dealy Plaza Effect. I discovered this phenomenon in Dallas, Texas. The D.P.E is a subliminally induced Deja Vu sensation creation.

If you go find the place where Lee 'Patsy' Oswald allegedly set the mail order - bolt action - rapid fire rifle record in '63. It's just city streets, kind of every city looking, then when, and only when, you stand in the exact spot where Zapruder took aim from... Zeitgeist. The vividness of the image in the foreground has indelibly imprinted the background of that exact scene in your mind, you're just a dead President away from the first time your intellect was there. Probably a more real experience memory than say, your ninth birthday party. It is this effect I hope to capture with the eventual link up between cyber space and reality, the Peace Pipe will slowly evolve before your eyes, the Background imprinting itself with repetition, so that when you make the "Pilgrimage to Smoke the Pipe of Peace" and you stand on "DAT" spot, on the hill that over looks the Peace Zone, (That will be known as Mount Zapruder;o) the view should be Pop- Icon- ic- ally correct. Deja Vu? I am equipped to do this now....

The second movie is the actual "Hollywood style" movie based on the novel and this will be shot at regular intervals during the construction phase. This movie is still in pre-production, auditioning / casting is limited to, but open "equally" to all, registered Big Bong Believers. As with the novel, all of these projects are Art and have to be dealt with in that context. Both of these "Movies" require the actual construction of a "Statue of a Symbol to World Peace."

The Statue.

The Statue is a 240 foot, 80 Metre tall STEEL Cylinder, the equivalent of a twenty floor building!! The entire inside of the Big Bong will evolve into the "Marijuana Hall of Fame" and the largest Pot Art Gallery on Earth. There are no stairs, rather ascending and descending spiral ramps that you will be able to walk along and groove on the Art as you breathe the air of green freedom.( for more details see Chapter 8 of novel.) The experience will be just what you imagine it to be and/or what you remember it to be. I gotta admit that the certain knowledge that I will be inside it when it is lit for the first time is one of the things that drives me forward, but then I'm one of the lucky one's, I've confirmed my Ticket.

The Statue is simultaneously a Symbol to World Peace, a Pop Art Icon, a Tourist Attraction, a Concert Venue, a Movie Set, a Commercial Hemp Incinerator and an Internet Content Provider. It is the most audacious statue yet envisaged and possibly the most exciting peace initiative currently under way anywhere on earth.

The support network that will be required for all of the various facets of the construction of the statue and concert sound stage will result in the surrounding area evolving into a theme park / peace zone.

The Theme Park / Peace Zone.

The immediate area surrounding the Big Bong will be an internationally declared World Peace Zone and Hemp Theme Park, open to all the citizens of the world regardless of their smoking convictions. Theoretically the Big Bong should be able fast track along the path already trod by Walt Disney, Walt started with a cartoon of a mouse, I started with a book about a Bong.

Walt built a magic kingdom in Reality based on a fictional world of his own unique creation and vision, I want to create a magic kingdom in Reality based on a work of fiction, a Cannabis-based society. And yeah I know I'm talking about Utopia, but so was Walt. In his reality it took an awful long time to convince enough people that there was any point to build Disneyland in the first place, for some strange reason nobody believed that any one would come to visit a fairy tale castle built for a cartoon mouse...

Ummm, surely compared to Walt's concept, the Big Bong would seem to be a no brainer as far as attracting an audience goes? The amount of enthusiasm for this project amongst "just" the back packer sub culture is awesome, they would all love to help build the symbol as part of their Australian experience, the fact that their friends and family back home will be able to see them "On the Internet" is perceived as Too Cool.

The first phase of construction is the excavation of the foundation. In other words the digging of a very, very, very big hole. The excavation will be carried out by the cast and crew on a work for BOINGS basis, Boings will be exchangeable for food and shelter. Once all of the various infrastructure is in place then the lighting ceremony / finale scene can take place, it is designed to be the biggest party / concert ever held, where ever and when ever it's held.

The Concert.

Think "Wood Stock" and then add lighting a Gigantic Bong to the mental image, need I say more? I'm sure I don't have to point out the obvious fact that more people will want to turn up at the concert than can possibly turn up.

Entry will only be possible if you are wearing a
Genuine BBT-PPP Tee

If you are unable to be there in person you will be able to hear and see the concert live on the WWW, you may even want to coordinate your own Peace Pipe Party for your unwebbed network of friends in your arbitrary geographical reality.

This concept is assembling the core element of a global underground cult following, both on line and off, all of whom are looking forward to being able to smoke the pipe of peace with all of the other world leaders who are cool enough to have an invitation to the biggest celebration planned for the end of the Millennium.


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