The Current Set Up is the cheapest comercially available colour web cam that uses 'Web Cam 32' to upload to a Microsoft Front Page coded web page maintained by the GASgroup on the USA Hard Web.

Uploading from Australia to the USA via a 28.8 bps modem jacked into an "Australian standard internet telephone connection" to a "Australian standard commercial I.S.P" which then connects via ISDN line to the world wide web..

The transmission standard is in line with the "lowest common denominator of cyber sled compatibility" currently 14.4 bps and 8 MEG of RAM, in other words the image should be equally shitty-flickery and slow everywwwhere and should in no way be considered close to the actual transmission quality of the Finale / Lighting Ceremony / Concert, that event is at least this far away.

There is no sound at this stage, plenty of time for that and other unobtainium to be included as the gadgetbudget becomes available.