As assembled LIVE to the wwweb in 12/97

From: The Peace Pipe Project.

To: The Marketing Director of Coca-Cola.

Re: Global Advertising Opportunity.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am currently embarked upon a strategic campaign to attract the attention of the entire population of the planet Earth and direct it to a single point in future space and time, to the lighting of a Statue of the first purpose built Symbol to World Peace. Due to the inherent coolness of the construction of what will be a fully functional Cannabis Smoking Device, I believe it is in your best interests as a Global Corporation to participate in this World Peace Initiative.

Your contribution would be structured in such a way so as to ensure;

1) That Coke would have sole soda distribution rights at the Finale Party / Concert / Lighting Ceremony / Global Peace Demonstration.
2) That the Coke Bottle is the first silhouette to adorn the out side of the Peace Pipe.
3) That all souvenir scale models of the Peace Pipe would be made from discarded coke bottles thereby extending the tentacles of your present subliminal marketing strategy.
4) Several Banners in our internet web construct as "Official Sponsor."
5) A Hot Link to your current internet website
6) Total Coolness in the eyes of the world.

Your active financial support would ensure that the Peace Pipe will look like a clean, shiny and new coke bottle. All of this for just 5% of your total global advertising budget.

Before you make any snap decisions on the viability of this concept or move into damage control, think how you came to hear of this opportunity and ask yourself how long this concept has been loose in the world and how many of your customers have heard of it.

Remember we are talking potentially the greatest single audience ever assembled in the known universe. All of whom could be told that your company DID NOT AND WOULD NOT SUPPORT WORLD PEACE.

I look forward to doing business with you,

Peace, Glitter.

P.S. For 10% of your T.G.A. budget I'll make it look like a dirty old PEPSI bottle bong.

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