WEB TRANSLATORS NOTE; The following piece of content is set in "Turn of the Century Australia," the late 1990's. In many ways the following story line represents an entire fresh start for this Concept, it's AN out line upon which a future reality may be based and a past that a future has sprung from. As the title suggests it is a beginning after AN END, AN END were the last words of the Big Bong Theory of which this is a Cyber companion piece, it has been assembled from a wide array of media, images including scanned photo's, hand written journals and rudimentary digital image capture devices, it is basically a compression of the real time web shows that were broad cast during 1998, "Scripted in Reality" so to speak. The original Concept was to integrate the internet into the novel writing process by staging and assembling each scene live to the net whilst filming the process of acting "it" out in reality. In the real time version these words were hotlinked to the actual location where he was "Jacked in." 

Oh by the way, Green Sublink means you ain't been there as yet and a Red Sublink means you already have... This session cache anyway..
More Semi-Important Stuff about SUBLINKS

Necessary Preamble; Glitter is on his way to Head Office to meet with the Cyber Guru, unbeknowenced to Glitter, the word around the Cyber Space Colony was that he had slipped off the edge and was in danger of becoming a "has been" before he was a "once was." Whilst he was quite prepared to admit that he could be flogging a dead horse up a blind alley, an alley way lit only by the light of an on coming train, he would point out "At least it offered a way out of the corner he’d painted himself into, the corner between a rock and a hard place, the one at the top of shit creek." None of these things are in Glitters mind as he wanders toward his 7 PM appointment at the Cyber Studio, he was almost there, he’d found the street all right, now it was just a matter of right building, the next one fit the description perfectly. The metric equivalent of 69, he knocked on the front door of an inconspicuous terrace house, number 181. (1 ate 1)

Behind "Scene ONE,"
a Cyber Studio, someweb.

The Cyber Guru was in his usual enigmatic mode as he answered the door.

‘Web Greetings Cyber Guru, I have come to ask you for another small favour.’

‘How small a favour Glitter? Your small favours have a way of expanding.’

‘I need to get a color jpg of my Back Pack.’

‘I’ve already taken one."

‘With all respect Cyber Guru, that jpg you scanned is Cyber Trash, I need some new ones showing the potpals I’m taking with me on my expedition into Cyber Wilderness.’

‘Oh. So you’re still intent on continuing the Big Bong Thing’

‘Peace Pipe. Cyber Guru. Peace Pipe,’ Says Glitter as he bangs his head onto the table. ‘It’s the symbol, not the substance.’

‘I believe you, stop hurting the furniture.’

Glitter shakes his head and concentrates on the stars he now sees clearly before his eyes and continues. ‘I have to decided to adopt guerilla tactics and hold a succession of Global Gatherings from Random Reality."

‘So you are telling me that you are going to go out into mainstream reality and encourage people to smoke Cannabis?

‘Yes and No, I’m going out into Mainstream Reality to promote A Cyber Concept, the Peace Pipe Project. I will be asking the unwebbed to provide their own peace herbs and bring the makings of their pipe to a secret location, invitation only, then we each assemble our PIECE of the Peace Pipe in synchronisation with the webbed conspirators and construct a Globally Chambered Peace Pipe.

‘You really believe that people will do that?’

‘Why not?’ asked a stunned Glitter.

‘Well it’s hardly killer content, it’s not like you’re a Mars Landing or a Rock Concert, could be a whole bunch of nothing watched by no one.’

‘This whole subwebplot is one of journey, not destination.’

‘Then it’s the story about a stone broke poet hitch hiking around the country side smoking a scale model of a movie set he can’t afford to build based on a financially unsuccessful novel. That’s hardly A List stuff my boy, why don’t you give up on all this Big Bong Bull Shit and put your skills towards more cash productive htmling? There is plenty of room else web for you, you’d make a damn fine web constructor, if you went straight."

‘But the BBt-PPP is on the verge of Main Stream crossover, I’ve poured almost 4 years of my life into it, the construct is ready.’

‘Well it’s not very interesting.’

"In Specific or in General?’

‘At the moment.’

‘Cyber Guru do I have to go into the all paradoxi again? You know that the reality law structure prevents me from organising the financing required for full blown hollywood production standard filmed cinema entertainment, the set illegality effectively puts this option on hold. Unless some random multimillionaire want’s to throw some mad money my way, I’m paradox blocked.’

‘How much do you actually need?’

‘I have all sorts of options to cover the entire spectrum of gadget-budgets.

‘Show me the cheapest one.’

‘How cheap?’

‘The cheapest one’

‘Can you give me a Ball Park figure?’

‘Nice try, you know as well as I do that there hasn’t been a Ball Park built for less than 6 digits in years.’

‘How many digits actually are there in the gadgetbudget?’ said a smiling Glitter.

‘0 digit in the gadgetbudget. You got all the gadgetbudget I can spare already, only way to look at your current gadgetbudget is to compare it to this time last year, you got some software in those potpals that was unobtainium this time last year.’

‘Ok, in the absence of gadgetbudget I will probably broadcast the real time image of each Cyber session I hold live to the www with the black and white eyeball cam, at the same time we’ll video…’

‘Where are you getting a Video Camera from?’

Glitter glances hopefully to the video cam & tripod in the corner.

‘I’ve got a firm offer from GASfilms to edit all the video tape I shoot, add segues, sound track and so forth to ultimately distribute them by mail order them in VCR format.’

‘So now you want to get into the Vanity Movie Business? You may as well set up and broadcast weddings live to the web for all the people who can’t make it to the event. However this could become quite profitable, if you can manage to throw some Big Parties that is, particularly if you concentrate on selling cans of Pringles, bottles of Pepsi and bit’s of garden hose with a special edition Bong On.’

Cyber Guru, I am not embarked on a mission to sell video tapes, scale models or munchies to the unwebbed world, I’ve got enough gadgetbudget to commit a few random acts of world peace and put together a mildly interesting interest specific web hour documentary.’

‘A web hour? All that time & travel, weeks of it for A web hour?’

‘Cyber Guru have you ever seen the size byte that an hour linked to a live cam takes out of your monthly MEG allowance?’

‘So we are back to a stoned broke poet hitch hiking around the country side with a couple of laptops smoking a scale model of a movie set he can’t afford to build with every one he meets.’

‘All I need is the gadgetbudget and I can start on the Big Picture Cyber Guru, you know that.’

‘Just do the best you can with the gadgetbudget you got.'


‘I’ll try Cyber Guru, but it wouldn't it be cool to have gigabytes of gadgetbudget for a change.’

‘Listen, you know as well as I do that gadgetbudget is related to hit rate, I mean, you come back in here with a multi digit web pulse and then, maybe then, I’ll talk to head office and see if we can find you a mobile phone and a laptop with a battery to BORROW.’