Reality Update, December- 1999.



A note to new conspirators, unlike the MAIN BBt-PPP Web Zone, the peacepipe99 Sub-Zone is subject to FREQUENT ALTERATION, so if you don't regularly dump your cache, your I.S.P or your browser settings may mean that you may need to 'manually' push refresh each time you visit in order to receive the latest information.




Webgreetings Dear Linear Scholar.

Firstly I had better start by pointing out the obvious- that the End of the Y-D-C-M (Year-Decade-Century-Millennium) is upon us & that there exists the slight chance that the wwworld as we know it will crash. Now, I don't know what steps you have taken to weather the potential storm, but I do know what steps the BBt-PPP has taken.

However, as far as I am concerned, the intention is to continue forward as if there was no such thing as a Y2K bug, indeed, December is shaping up as an interesting month to click to and to click thru the BBt-PPP web zones, the daily web shows will be continuing right up to the end of the Y-D-C-M.

So, as you can see there is plenty to keep us busy, PLUS, it's time I went to work constructing the peacepipe2000 sub zone, I dunno yet how it's going to look, I'm thinking flash, I'm thinking sound, I'm thinking that you going to need a 56K modem and -at least- an 800X600 viewscreen on your cyber sled, dunno. I mean, it looks 486 cyber sleds with 12 inch monitors and 16MB of RAM that can cerf no faster than 28.8 are going to be left behind in the 21st century, or should that be left behind in the 20th Century? Either way, the thing is that it is time the BBt-PPP took advantage of the faster modem speedz and flash eyecandy F-X.


old man wobbly the wallaby. the Peace Camps Camp Fire

As you can see by the images above, the Peace Camp is decorated with, and defined by, Cannabis Plants. I have received loads of input as to the  'End Use' of these plants; 90 % of them are to be used to pack the Ultra Cone at the opening ceremony of the 50 Footer and 10% of them are tithed to the Compassion Club.

Which basically means they are NOT for SALE in mainstream reality,  the only way you will be able to get your lungs around the herbs above is to be present the day we light the 50 Footer! Which, I hasten to add, you are invited to do, dear linear scholar. As to when that will be, wwwho can tell, the wwway things are going.. prolly some time next century ;O)--~   All's I do kno is that every day we move closer to the re-start of construction and every day another piece of the puzzle is put in place.

Kind of like this web zone, every day I add more <hypertext>, more images to 'the ALL' of the BBt-PPP web zone and every day more and more cyber citizens, real people like you dear linear scholar, find their wwway to the BBt-PPP and join the Conspiracy to commit a blatant act of wwworld peace ;O)--~

Click Here 2-GO-2 THE Daily Web Show

Erk- before you go clicking across to the Daily Web Show, I suppose I had better fill you in on exactly what you can expect to see. Basically I will be working full time on the Cyber Set that is the Peace Camp preparing it for the weekend Global Gathering. Erk again, just realized that you may not be aware of just exactly what a Global Gathering is.

Global Gatherings / Peace Pipe Parties were one of the main features of the '98 Zone, a GG-PPP happens every time we all get together and assemble a Globally Dispersed Peace Pipe that is made up of the sum of the total of the Scale Models that are ignited in the privacy of the personal space of individual conspiracy members and their guests - which is not to say that you need to have a party number of dudes at your place to ppparticipate ;O)--~

The idea being that a GG-PPP is the mechanism that you can use to start a local activism network, as well as providing a perfectly good excuse for a party, keep in mind that assembling a PPParty @round your web access terminal and smoking peacepipes with your friends may contravene your local laws as they apply to the herbs you smoke, so use the same amount of discretion that you use when purchasing the peace herbs you intend to smoke at your PPParty when you hand out your PPParty invitations.

The current Peace Herbs to choose from or mix to suit are, in no order of importance; Chamomile, Sage, Cannabis (sativa & indica) Mugwort, Damiana, Catnip, Tobacco, Marijuana (ganja, grass, weed- all the slang terms except DOPE, do not under any circumstance burn DOPE in your Peace Pipe)

Anyway, the web connexion has been dropping out quite a bit lately, probably due to the incredible low tech connexion to the web, 35 kilometres of copper wire between me and the I.S.P and 3 X 15 meter long telephone extension cables between the peace camp and nearest jack in point.

The reason I mention this is because I can't be in two places at the same time and little qwerty ain't a crash proof computer and though I check her constantly, several minutes may elapse while I reboot and then relog onto the network.

Anyway, here could be a good place to describe exactly what a web show is, basically a web show is a series of silent images that appear every 40 or so seconds on your desk top, they are silent for 3 reasons, firstly a lot of BBt-PPP members cerf the zone during working or study hours and secondly because of bandwidth and thirdly & mostly because little qwerty got a broken sound card.

Till next,


wwwhat else to wwwatch ;O)--~keep an eye on the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement, so to speak ;O)--~

Click on text to go next ;O)--~


Before we begin construction of the FULL SIZE version we have started to build a 1:5 scale model, this will allow us to remove any design flaws and ensure the FULL SIZE versions works.

The 'Fifty Footer' will eventually serve as the main gate to the FULL SIZE version.

Directions to the Construction Site.