How to construct a 1cm = 4 metre
1/2 inch = 12 feet… Scale model of
The Big Bong Peace Pipe.

How to assemble your Uniquely Free
Genuine Scale Model of the Peace Pipe.
1cm = 4 metre 1/2 inch = 12 feet)

Firstly, assemble the items pictured Below. Use Recycled materials or "New Ones," the choice is up to you. Make sure that the Pepsi bottle is a snug fit inside the Pringles Tube.


Wot Uneed 2 start.

A roll of tape, 6 inches of Garden Hose, a knife and a pair scissors are also needed.  The other item pictured is called a Bong-On it's a wrap-around Exterior,

Print it out on A-4 sized paper...

  Water Proofing the Cardboard Tube. 

Devide the Pepsi bottle into "PE" & "PSI" segments, use the knike, cut between the "E and 2nd P" as illustrated. 

The PE part of the bottle is basically a plastic lined water reservoir, push this all the way to the bottom of the tube. This inner lining can be easily replaced when it get's too schwaggy/skerby. If you look at the "Back" of a Pringles tube you will find a small recycle symbol, that's your target.

  Carefully Cut Out a "hose sized" hole. 

Now Roll, Fold the Top and Bottom seams, as marked on paper. Kind of smooth your hands over the paper and mould it to the shape of the Tube, make sure to tuck the "Top" into the tube. Push hose through paper. 

Tape ALL the seams neatly... 

You can Clip the plastic LID on to the "Bottom" to act as a base.. Add the right amount of water. You have now assembled a Cyber Ceremonial Peace Pipe that is a scale model of the Real Thing. As to what peace herbs you burn in your individual scale model of the Peace Pipe, I leave up to your common sense and personal preference, what ever and whenever you light up your Scale model you become a component of a Multi Chambered Peace Pipe of Global Proportions. With each spin of the planet more and more Peace Pipes are being built, as the structure enlarges, the "View from the Moon" should be that of a wwwoven wwweb of peace pipe party nodes, a kinetic global sculpture.

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