The BBt-PPP H.Q is located in Australia, which according to all the data at my disposal, is the safest place on the planet to be if the Y2K bug bites. However, the BBt-PPP web zones are held on a sever that is physically located in Salt Lake City in the U.S.A.

which means...

If the Utah power grid or the global telephone system goes down, I wont be unable to update this web zone which in turn means that, well, what can I say? f the Bug Bites the world be in too much trouble for you to worry about how the construction of a peace pipe is going, after all, you will prolly be sitting in a dark room in a decaying urban environment engaged in a life and death struggle to survive.

which means...

That, well, what can I say, besides I hope that it don't happen, I mean here we are on the verge of wwworld peace and the absolute last thing we need is a melt down of the existing global communication network.


what ever happens on 1/1/2000, you can be sure that I will be working just as hard as ever to construct the Big Bong Peace Pipe in my reality.


the BBt-PPP is poised to progress what ever happens and if the bug don't bite, wwwell, the BBt-PPP is positioned perfectly to maximize the potentiality of the newww millennium.

If the worst happens...

Good Luck and I hope that you can some how manage to cross the oceans that lay between us and find your way to the sanctuary that Australia will become, don't worry, when you get here you will be able to catch up on all the stuff that has been happening on my harddrive- after all, little qwerty is Y2K compatible and runs on 12 Volt power.

If nothing happens on 1/1/2000,  

go to www.bigbong.org/peacepipe2000 on new years day, the chat room will be open all 1/1/2000, we are having a watch the world melt-or not- party here at BBt-PPP H.Q - we will be on line with the web cam transmitting until the danger is past or the world melts.

In conclusion,

Thank you for your support in the 20th Century & I can only hope that we will both be around to enjoy the fruits of the new millennium.

Till next