Little Qwerty.

Little qwerty in the cyber shack, September 1999.

As you can see, little qwerty is State of the Art Computational device, State of the Art 1995 that is, several years out of date, she was thrown away in 1997 as being too old, too slow and too stupid for life in the corporate fast lane, fortunately for little qwerty, the gentleman whose job it was to 'fix her or throw her away' threw her at a user who didn't (and still doesn't), care that the 'keypads' 1-q-a-z don't work, nor that she has an inoperative A-drive, (which means she can't be reformatted) she also has a broken sound card and has to sit atop a docking station.

As you can see, little qwerty has a regular monitor hooked up to her, this feature is one of my favourites, it enables more than just me to see wwwhat's happening, indeed, it is her very inadequacies that make her ideal for our work together, a 486 pentium with 16MB of RAM  and 500MB hard drive is enough in the pre-2000 bandwidth restricted world, well it's been enuff to nowww, mostly cause, from the very beginning, little qwerty has been equipped with virtual hard disc storage space.

Surprisingly, I don't have that many photo's of little qwerty, though she has been the star of many a web cam session over the years.

Underneath the "BIG JOINT" at the peoples Drug Summit in the Nimbin Hemp Embassy June 1999.

Since we talking qwerties, a bit of history for you, the first qwerty to weave a BBt-PPP web was Chuckies "Super Qwerty." Unfortunately I don't have pictures of either Super Qwerty or the other integral part of the ircsa LAN- Christo's potpal, but I do have the archival shots below.

The state of the conspiracy at the only public access web terminal in Adelaide in 1996 ;O)--~        renactment of the "turning on ceremony" at ircsa, Christo standing, Chuckie seated.

In wasn't until '97 that I got 'full time use' of a qwerty, the Tosh Toaster pictured below, like little qwerty, was also a corporate cast off, state of the art 1991 (a Toshiba Satellite with 12MB of RAM and a 200 MB HD), how ever, she was capable of transmitting image to the web, albeit B&W. 


The "Tosh-Toaster" at the home of artist Garwell Metropolis Nov 97.


The Tosh Toaster opened up a whole new world for me in reality, no longer was I limited to verbal descriptions of cyber space, I could actually show the unwebbed what it wwwas that I was doing with my time. Up until this point of time, I had been hitch hiking between qwertys with my pockets full of floppy's, distributing a trail of A4 'propaganda pamphlets' and distributing hard copies of the novel.

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