Reality Update
August - 2001

F/irst up webstuff = all sublinks open a new w window.

webgreetings Dear Linear Scholar,

First time here? If so, first thing you need to know is that a Reality Update is something like a monthly status report to MISSION CONTROL and second thing is that I am real glad that you have found you way through the maze to these words and the third thing you need to knowww is that there is no LIVE web cast of the construction of the Big Bong Peace Pipe at the moment due to circumstances beyond my control, circumstances that have nothing to do with computer viruses.

It is wwworth mentioning that the 29th of June 2001 marked the 7th Anniversary of the coming of the idea and, as the calendar ticks us into August, never before has the relegalization of Just Cannabis been more imminent that it is right now, indeed, when I compare the current global political climate -as it relates to Just Cannabis- with how it was when I first had the idea in 1994, I am staggered at just how close we are, especially as one of the most conservative societies on earth- the Swiss- have adopted a Just Cannabis, Just with in the borders of our own country, just for our citizens, Just for Export, not Import approach to Just Cannabis.

So I believe that instead of trying to force the various Governments of the earth to sign the surrender in the War on Drug Users, it makes far more sense  to attempt to get them to sign Joint Enterprise Agreements, create mechanisms specifically designed to maximize the potential of the Industrial, Medicinal, Food, Fuel as well as the responsible recreational components of the Cannabis Plant.

Thing is, wwwhile I am waiting for the Cannabis Law to change in my part of the world, I am about to embark on another content generation mission, a mission, I might add, that - for a change- doesn't feature cannabis as the main metaphor, it's mostly something to do whilst waiting for circumstances to change, as for exactly what is in store, wwwell it's kind of hard to tell, several 'hard ware issues' are yet to be confirmed, not least of which is a new telephone line and power point to plug little qwerty into.

The exact when in August 2001 that I will lower the landing gear of the newww content pod and touch down inside the caldera of the extinct volcano that you will find at the easternmost edge of the great south land is hard to knowww, I mean I dint push the GO HARD button in July like I thort I would, mostly because we are dealing with a cause and effect sequence beyond my capacity to type in the time allotted, the best guess is that as soon as I land the newww content pod in reality the newwws will be emblazoned across every sector of cyber space that I have access to - starting with here first dear linear scholar, because as the ultra linear scholars will tell you, I am not in the habit of sending emails to individual conspiracy members alerting them of the latest newwws, as clumsy and as time consuming as scanning this Signpost-Pointer Page every so often can be, it's some wwwhat important if you want to catch a LIVE web show, because as ultra linear scholars will also tell ya, once the click stream starts flowwwing- it really starts flowwwing ;O)--~ click here for an example of a click stream content pod

Seven years nowww, seven years rolling towards a future point in space and time, seven years rolling on a trajectory that requires a number of predetermined, shall we say certain legal and physical items to manifest, items that have hither-to been constructed of unobtainium and not-yet-ium, some of wwwhich are once again available the gestalt and, ummmn, wwwhat I am trying to say this time? Perhaps that there are green lights across the control board and it's looks like August 2001 will definitely see the start of the next Big Bong webshow.


I could start right now, in fact I am highly tempted to lower the landing gear of the current BBt-PPP cyber sled, but, something tells me that even more pieces of unobtainium and not-yet-ium are about to hauled aboard the BBt-PPP cyber array in the next few days and I can definitely inform you that wwwork has already begun on the landing pad........

WWWhich is all the long way of saying anyday nowww.

till next



P.S. the sound you "might be hearing" is a snippet from The Man in the Dark Sedan by Snakefinger and the Residents.

P.S.S Did you hear about the arrest for the cultivation of the Cannabis Plants that were to have been the focus of the 2001 webshow?