If  any of the wwwords in here seem familiar it's probably due to the fact that  this is a "source piece" from the early days of the cyber evolution of this Web Zone. Most of the ideas and concepts that are expressed in this piece have long since been incorporated into the current content, however, many of the dynamics mentioned in this piece are as limiting today as they were when this piece was first wwwritten in 1997. Perhaps it's worth book marking and returning later?


Web Greetings once again Dear Linear Scholar,

Thanx for dropping by to visit with me in my cyber cell, I don't know how much longer I will be typed up in here, as you know I've been sentenced to Paradox by the Impossibility Factor for an indefinite period, stranded, until I find the keys to unlock all of the paradoxs (or should that be paradoxi?) that constrain me. Yet it must be remembered that the Impossibility Factor is slowly coming down and that every additional linear scholar following this story lowers the "I.F." one more increment more.

What I am trying to say is that I am not a drug crazed fiend trying to pollute the minds of children and make Cannabis use compulsory, rather a creative writer, an artist, embarked upon a somewhat quixotic mission to commit a blatant act of world peace by following the logic and by staying within the laws of mainstream society. I look around me at the frame work this word structure is contained with-in, at the entire Big Bong Peace Pipe Cyber Construct and I see a concept that is totally original in it's content and more importantly, totally original in it's intent.

The Big Bong Peace Pipe Project is a Global concept, not a local, state or national thing. For example, if every single person in Australia believed in the peace pipe project then that would still leave 99.2% of the worlds population yet to be informed. So how do you achieve total global net awareness when you are but one voice amid the multitude clamouring for attention? This is the first of the many paradoxi that you will see as we ride this thought train, the paradoxi multiplying the further we go, still, the undeniable reality is that through our combined efforts this concept has assembled the core element of a global underground cult following, both on line and off, all of whom are looking forward to being able to smoke the pipe of peace with all of the other world leaders who are cool enough to have confirmed their invitation to the biggest & bongiest celebration planned for the end of the Millennium. The amount of enthusiasm for this project amongst the back packer sub culture is awesome, they would all love to help build the symbol as part of their Australian experience, the fact that their friends and family back home will be able to see them "On the Internet" is perceived as Too Cool.

You may have noticed that there is no visible means of support for this web construct, nor is there is a mechanism for raising the reality funds required for the construction of the movie set. Sure we have a cyber order bank of tee shirts, that it is currently illegal to plant the fibre to grow, as you know the Tees act as tickets to a concert, that can't be held until after the statue is built, this means that there are literally thousands of uncashable cyber bucks that could be going towards maintaining both a larger cyber presence and, obviously a large and physical reality presence, paradox blocked again.

How does a cyber skyhook such as this one, attract the reality funds that are required to built the statue? Do we look for sponsors, sell advertising space, ask for donations, sell merchandise, sell subscriptions, do we retail floppy discs of the website and sell them as cyber books for the modem deficient qwertys out there? Actually we need to try all revenue avenues to fund the construction, there are a multitude of options, but most of these options are subject to the cyber paradox that states; "Why pay for content when there are a million similar and free web sites just a mouse click away? This is becoming true for all of the web, there are literally millions of web sites, all of whom purport to be the hottest, coolest or latest, all scrambling for your cyber bucks, there are thousands of fresh domains appearing every day, web sites are getting be like ass holes, every body seems to have one.

Theoretically the Big Bong should be able to "compete" with Disney for "Turnstile Traffic Cyber Bucks," we are both Internet Content Providers producing "In house" entertainment, all be it to totally different demographics. Disney or any other major entertainment mechanism could make the Big Bong Peace Pipe happen by simply opening their cheque books and buying the distribution rights to the Movie.

Welcome to the next paradox that entraps, not surprisingly, the Motion Picture Industry is more about business than Art, in any business, risk must be minimized if you are to commit millions of dollars to any project. The Impossibility factor of a building a working 20 story marijuana gas chamber as a movie set and then holding an enormous concert / peace demonstration to stage the finale scene was too great in 1995 when the novel was released, not to mention the fact that at the same as my novel was being printed a major publishing house lost a 7 figure chunk on another novel with the word Bong in the title. Trying to even get into an publishers office to say. Listen, if you buy the rights to my book for a couple of million dollars, I'll spend the whole lot on making a movie about the book, which in turn will promote the books that you have printed... In the neon reality of mainstream media, every time I said Big Bong / novel / movie / statue, Well, it was like saying CUNT out loud.

In a society that depends on television and pulp magazines to define what is or is not Art, who is, or is not, an Artist, it would seem that without mass mainstream media recognition, one cannot be taken seriously. The fact that I chose to express myself in an evolving embryonic communication medium where millions of similarly skilled creative typists are coding and loading multiple millions of words everyday into an information dissemination mechanism that transcends all other forms of traditional media, entertainment and communication, not to mention the truism that the www can only be accessed by an elite minority, only adds to the complexity of the paradoxical entrapment.

Art or not, this concept is undeniably funny, I thought so when I first had the idea and the reactions of random citizens ever since confirms that it is funny and cool and interesting, even if at first it is seemingly impossible to actually build a structure that is in essence a gigantic marijuana gas chamber in a mainstream "straight" world. The thought of all the world leaders locked inside the Big Bong until they become friends IS funny, surely it's a worthy plot line to pursue? It's not like there is any violence, child pornography or murder involved in the story line, point being that this whole exercise ends with the whole world at peace with each other, I mean where's the harm?

I hope you realize that every time I use the phrase "the worlds leaders," that I am referring to the members of the "clan Úlan" that webcitizenry represents. If you weren't a world leader then you would need to surf the net as often as a fish rides a bicycle, not to mention the fact that if you weren't more intelligent than "normal" then you wouldn't be able to maintain the "overhead" associated with maintaining your web citizenry, that's why you are a world leader, you are part of an embryonic global culture that possesses the power to change the world, well, maybe not the whole world, but at least as far as the way that the life forms that inhabit the outer 2% co-exist and perceive the peace process.....

The Peace Pipe could easily be built, it's just a tin can all said and done. Undeniably, it would sure help chill the global angst that has superstitiously arisen amongst the lesser evolved of our species that that particular orbit is some how more significant that any of the preceding 8,000,000,000,000 or so trips round the Sun that Space Ship Earth has made......... Hmmn, Space Ship Earth? Nah, couldn't be, what sentient species in their right mind would travel the cosmos on the out side of the ship? Besides some kind of opportunistic algae life form or maybe ameba thingoids?

The fact that the side effects of the Peace Pipe Project includes, amongst other things, the creation of a pop art icon of global significance and the holding of the biggest community stoning since the days of the Roman Empire only adds to the complexity of the paradoxical entrapment, not to mention increasing the impossibility factor as it relates to any mainstream governmental red tape and arbitrary legal structure involvement. Although surely it must be obvious that attracting a greater share of the global cannabist tourist trade will inevitably lead to the creation of an entire labor intensive, unemployment lowering Hemp Tourism/Processing Industry. Phew I'm glad I got that all that down right first time.

Surely in the late 1990’s the impossibility factor is a whole lot lower than ever before, surely the people in power NOW are considerably more hip than the people who were in control when the Age of Aquarius burst into the global mass consciousness in the 60's? I think today's crop of leaders are a smarter, gentler, more logical breed of human, mostly I'm sure, because they didn't have to spend their formative years with world wars and depressions happening to them every decade or so, reflect upon the ramifications of that.....

The most limiting paradox cometh in the form of the unavoidable fact that I am a minimalist poet writer kind of dude, this concept requires a reality budget of thousands of dollars a day and the writing life style has reduced the state of my reality finances, or rather my personal debt level has reached what can only be described as the catastrophe-sphere, the upper strata of debt. I keep telling my self that I'm shaking the array of paradoxi that encircle me and hold me prisoner, I take comfort in the fact that they are lined up like a line of dominos in a circle, so that when one of them topples the rest will follow, or not. See you elseweb in Cyber Space.


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