Glitter (as in sparkle ;O) is a totally fictional character who first appeared in "Print" in 1994, as the author of a slender volume of poetry, he was the main character in the Big Bong Theory and is also the central character of the current Cyber Crusade and is based, somewhat, on a real person.

Why only some what? Well for starters, Glitter is much better looking than the real person, he's also much fitter and way, way, cooler in speech, thought, action and deed as well. And since, in a literary sense, he has already built the Peace Pipe and caused wwworld peace to have seen to have happened he is way, way, way more successful than me, the wwwriter.

As to who I am, the real person who writes all the words, who cares? This ain't about me, it's about the formation of an us, working toward a common goal.

The fact that I chose to spend all my time striving to achieve any of the many dreams that are displayed with in this web zone is mostly because I can find nothing better to do.