WEB TRANSLATORS NOTE: As the earth spun slowly towards the beginning of southern hemisphere Spring, Glitter found himself in an inner city harbour side suburb of Sydney, the cyber cell he was typed up in had no telephone connection, so he was forced to return to Random Access Mode,  not unlike the e-mail methodology he employed during the early days of the conspiracy, in other words, he jacked in wwwhere ever and wwwhen ever he could, this usually entailed packing up little qwerty and walking thru the urban jungle, mostly after hours. How ever Glitter was always armed with a number of prerolled splifferettes, he said he had never met a mugger yet who would say NO to a smoke, NOT, he would add, that I've met that many muggers. 

As Glitter walked to the cyber studio, his thoughts were on the meeting he had just conducted in Newcastle with 'the Man with the Land' & the ramifications the resulting agreement held for the future of the conspiracy. Upper most in his mind was the fact that he needed the content input stream that an event could provide in order to keep this web zone fresh and moving forward, he also realized that win, lose, or break even, the event would provide exactly that. A chill breeze served a reminder that it was still winter and that the major Back Packer influx wasn't due for a couple of months yet.

"We been hacked." said the Cyber Guru by way of greeting as he opened the Cyber Studio door, "Somecunt deleted all the files on the U.S hard web server, we lost everything, stats, e-mails, the lot."

"How long we been down?"

"48 hours so far."

"Were we the specific target of Somecunt?"

"No, apparently Somecunt was a disgruntled customer who nuked the server out of spite."

"Don't matter, I've nearly finished another rewwwrite and would have been over writing most of the files anyway." said Glitter.

"Cool, the biggest hassle is that if anyone searches on theGASgroup at the moment, the search engine will return a Error 404 and then automatically delete theGASgroup from it's data banks, means we have got to reregister the URL's with all the search engines."

"That's not quite so critical for BBt-PPP, we rely on wwword of mouth more than search engines anyhow."

"True enough, anyway, this event that you want to hold, do you really expect to get 300 people to pay $300 for 5 days on a farm in a tent?"

"I think that I will have trouble limiting it to 300 if you want the truth."

"How so?"

"Well, think about it, what other event has as much going for it as this one? The idea is to recruit the webstars from amongst the cyber space colony and the back packer communities, in this way all dudes involved will be in keeping with the global themes of the Peace Pipe. You have to believe me when I tell you that when the word gets out amongst the million or more back packers that are travelling around the world at any given time that there is an event such as this happening, an event that could arguably be considered the coolest event in the world, well I foresee no trouble in filling the 150 male and 150 female roles, particularly when you factor in that there is fuck-all else to do in that part of the world at that time of the year, the whole thing adds up to too many pppotential ppparticipants. "

"I see your point," said the Cyber Guru,"but I still think you are dreaming."

"I sure hope so, with out fresh dreams the whole thing just sits there, a journey incomplete." remarked Glitter.

"You have no money, you are scarcely a law abiding tax paying citizen let alone a high flying movie executive, how can you possibly hope to pull off an event such as this?"

"With the help of my fellow BBt-PPP conspirators, it's easy to forget that hundreds of cyber dudes are gunna read this page before the month is out and when they do they are all going to want to come."

"But the majority of the webbed support for the BBt-PPP is outside Australia, how can they help you in reality."

"Well in the last couple of conversations that were held in the Chat Room there was talk of holding similar an event all over the globe."

"How will that help you organize your event? For a start 300 people taking one dump a day for 6 days means more than 1800 turds, where's all that going to go?"

"Hippy Shit" Stated Glitter matter of factly.

"What if no one want's to buy any Hippy Shit?"

"Don't worry, good shit always comes in handy, by the way have you read  Glitter and the Fish?"