The Lighting Ceremony?

Think Wood Stock and then add a
Gigantic Big Bong Peace Pipe
to the mental image

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The logic upon which this concept is based; First you write a book, and then you make a movie, is, whilst being true, also, well, kinda 20th century. Nowww a days, it goes First you have an idea, then you build a web site.  Which, as you can see, has been done, in fact you are currently cruising through the foyer of a Cyber Theatre, an arena with-in which to showcase a new kind of drama, a Cyber Movie, one in which the conventional separation between actors and audience is abolished, in which conventional scenic geography, the notions of proscenium, stage, auditorium, are completely discarded and in which continuity of performance, either in time or place, is ignored.

There is also a Hollywood Style movie based on the novel, this will be shot at regular intervals during the construction phase. This movie is still in pre-production, auditioning / casting is limited to, but open equally to all BBt-PPP Conspiracy members. As with the novel, all of these projects are Art and have to be dealt with in that context.

Both of these Movies require the actual construction of a Statue of a Symbol to WWWorld Peace.

This way to Conspiracy Head Quarters ;o)

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