Welcome to the Central Hub of the BBt-PPP



WEB TRANSLATORS NOTE: Congratulations on finding your way to these words, the very fact that you have found your way to these words shows that you have more than enough intelligence to become an active member of the Peace Pipe Project, which also means that, 'by default', you are HIGHly interested in the POTentiality of this concept and more to the point, wish to ppparticipate in the global revolution that the construction of a GIGANTIC PEACE PIPE will become. ;O)--~

As to what membership entails besides FULL and FREE access to the light blue & yellow pipes pictured above and your name on the list for reality access to the Peace Zone, well, no one really knows for sure, I mean, I'm the web translator and I don't have a clue, mostly because I'm a literary continuity device, that appears from time to time with-in the weave of these wwwwords to act as a sort of cyber sign post that points you in the next direction.

Actually, now that I come to think of it, the next direction for you to take is somewhat less than clear, I mean, you can zoom forward into the now or you can click @round in the past, there are hundreds of files in here for you to read and there is no right order for you to read them in and anyhow, now that you have passed the BBt-PPP navigation test, what you read and when you read it is up to you. Think of the sub zones connected to the central hub as part of the In Flight entertainment and the comforting thing to know is that you don't ever have to click along the Newbie Trail again, there is a Special Entrance for ACTIVE Conspiracy Members, an entrance that is only a few clicks away from the latest images and words.

>> peacepipe 2017 <<

Anyway, what ever you choose as your next destination, from here on out, there should be a Sub Zone Selection Device at the bottom of every screen, mind you, if it was me, I'd be clicking on peacepipe 2016 first and then making my way towards the latest Reality Update as fast as possible, after all, that's where you will find out what we are up to in the now. After that, I'd definitely check out the formula for world peace and the cyber court, then meet the spark monks and then, ummm, why am I still blurbing? Dunno, think it's time to end this word assembly, which means that the only other thing that I have left to say at this exact point in cyber space and time is....

see you else web  ;O)--~

to the 2000 Activism Arena

İyber İoncept & @LL words assembled by /~rebelart