BigBongBBlog / Reality Update
March - 2014

'They who can assimilate the past, can synthesize the nowww, they who can synthesize the nowww can maximize the potential of the future'
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First up webstuff = all sublinks open a new w window

webgreetings Dear Linear Scholar,

First time here? If so, first thing you need to know is that we been bumped up at a pause point for more than a couple of years now, wwwaiting for the Law to change and the next thing you need to knowww is that Big Bong Reality has been Updated Monthly for *at least* the TWO HUNDREDETH and Twenyfirst time since September 1995. (18 continuous web years old, as for how many actual "Realty Updates" written and uploaded 'in between' the *at least* 221 monthlies  and over 18 years? Dunno, except that its way way more than 420, this is FER SURE the most often overwwwriten webpage in all my cyberspace and prolly, in all of cyberspace as well ;O)--~

Historically speaking, this reality update feature was one of the main clauses written into the 2 year contract I signed in September 1995 (with I.R.C.S.A) for the first BigBong website Clause = Author (that's me) to supply a reality update every 2 weeks for duration of contract (2 years) - which I did, they figured (rightly) that without me to write fresh words, the Big Bong web site wouldn't be a 'proper" website. In September of '97 when the contract was finished and I.R.C.S.A decided to step aside, I kept the website with it's reality update going and have never missed upgrading this page, which, I suppose makes this one of the longest running blogs on the web, of course, I write way way way more words per month than what you can see in here - most of the heavy duty blogging I do/have done is viewable at the teXt-files, I digress - mostly to illustrate the continuity nightmare that blogging can create when a 'first timer' hits a 18 year old blog and all the information on display requires prior knowledge.....

METAphorically the Big Bong web construct can be likened to a solar powered space craft, each sail is made of <html> shaped in such a way so as to powwwer the web construct through cyber space, kinda like a sailing ship through the ocean. Since powering up the webcam can be likened to firing up the 'prime thruster' of a rocket ship and since the BBt-PPP Cyber Capsule was designed to only light up the prime thrusters at the start of construction and since there are so many sails powwwering the BBt-PPP, it has made sense to let the 'good ole' BBt-PPP Cyber Capsule voyage blurbingly along its eccentric tangent towards materialization at a future point in space and time whilst I went else web to construct other smaller, more maneuverable constructs powwwered almost entirely by web cam imagery, portals originally designed as tug boats for the BBt-PPP which were designed to morph into 'retro rockets' with the passing of time.

Thus, you know some of the wwwhy why this page morphed into an elseweb portal page over the last few trips round the sun, a book markable sign post page that is never more than a "mouse click" away from wwwhere-ever the wwwords are being wwwoven in the now.

Thing is, that I never set out to become a Big Bong builder or a Cannabis Law Reform Activist, I set out to become a writer and as you can imagine dear linear scholar, after such a long time of not being able to manifest all of the myriad requirements that obstacle me in reality you would think I would be some what discouraged, not so, I mean, I knew from the instant that I had the idea, that actually building Bongzilla (my nick name for the Big Bong Peace Pipe) was going to be somewhere the other side of highly impossible.

Thing is, I am not discouraged, because no matter how impossible building a 420 foot high Big Bong Peace Pipe might look 19 years later in the March of 2014, it is definitely - and significantly - less impossible now than it was when I first had the idea on the 29th of June 1994, not to mention the fact that the writer/artist in me has had plenty of outlet weaving what amounts to an entire sector of cyber space, which is why, when all is said and done, I am not discouraged by Bongzilla being bumped up at this pause point, not when there is so much happening in the real world of my highly subjective reality ;O)--~


18 years online... this time 20 years ago I had a box of pens and 2 notebooks full of poems and ideas, I didn't own - or really know how to use a computer and/or how to write a book. 19 years ago, I had finished one finger typing up the manuscript that ultimately became the novel that this entire webspace is constructed "upon" on a 386 with 4 MB of RAM and was actively engaged in the promotion of the novel. 19 years ago, the BiG BonG TheorY was selling in book stores all over Sydney and Internet was a word I had heard on television whilst 'back packing' in the U.S.A (91-94), of course, I had been reading about global computer networks in science fiction novels since I learnt how to read, but 'reading about' and 'writing with-in' are entirely different things, which loopingly brings me to the main point of this word assembly, the "weblog" component of this February 2014 Reality Update.

From a 'just cannabis law reform' point of view, 2014 has had the best start of any cannabis law reform year since 1937 thanks to the recreational relegalization of Marijuana in Colorado and Washington states. On every TV news show, right after the coverage of the global N.Y.E fireworks dispays, positive ommentary and vox pops interspersed with images of long queues of smiling people waiting in the snow for the doors of the dispensaries to open, every newspaper on earth with stories and editorials about cannabis law reform and the overall sense that everywhere on earth we are getting closer and closer to the day when all governments have recognized the legitimacy (and use) of cannabis and it is returned to its place in society.

Anyhow, as I said above, I up date this page on the first of the month and over write it during the month if something "Big Bong" is actually happening and whilst there is nothing much "Big Bong" planned for March 2014 besides a dance down Oxford street with the Big Joint for the Gay+Lesbian Mardigra (to support/promote Medical Marijuana) on the first of the month. I am still at wwwork on - which you will remember (I do) was the focus of the January 2011 bblog - sheesh that was a quick 3 years! Anyway, it's keeping me busy while I wait for the changes in the cannabis laws that will trigger either the roll out of the and/or the construction of Bongzilla..... Speaking about little car stories, since the 28th of August 2012, the stories have been available as an Android Phone App! To check it out, go to - which is hot linked to which is where you will find details the app and the link you need to follow to the Google Play Store where you can download it....

Speaking about things I been writing, here is a thing that fell out during March 2014 whilst writing other things... it's titled.. which words speak loudest to you?

At first, through my shortsighted eyes, it looked like five random dudes rowing a surf life saving boat out on a cool and overcast morning, exercise. The swell was a gentle undulation, not the nightmare of a southerly buster or the lash of the tail of a cyclone slashing down from the north on a full moon with a king tide lifting the waves even higher.

Five men men rowing out onto an empty ocean, majestically, no other words fitted, I watched them glide by and I stood transfixed until they slid out of sight.

That’s the ThreeFiftyCrew”, said my strongest friend, “not a one of them under 70 years old”, as he sat tossing a ball to his strongest friend. “My uncle is one of them, I wouldn't take him on, not even if I still had my right leg and my left shoulder wasn't all busted up. He is the toughest man I ever met, so gentle, so kind.”

Uncles are like that.” I agreed. “They show you how to live or how not to live a life.”

Mums not getting out into the garden much any more, she's spending most of her time inside the walls, sitting and thinking, not sure what she's thinking, she says she is happy, as happy as she can be since dad died.” said my strongest friend, the friend who has dealt with so much pain. Visible scars he has aplenty, invisible ones as well.

My friend knows he could move to another beach, tell tall stories to tourists about the shark that bit off his leg and the heroic battle that followed and feel good about himself for as long as it takes to tell the tale, but he is not that kind of man.

I twisted my ankle he says, we all do it, take a jump into the future and make a bad landing. I twisted my ankle bad, real bad because I am a big man and when I jumped, I jumped high and I landed hard, I ran hard and I played hard. His words dwindled into silence and we sat for a comfortable minute or more, we both watched the dog leap and run to catch the ball and faithfully return it time after time.

I'm afraid of the water, afraid of floating and afraid of sinking,” I said, “never even knew it till yesterday.”

Doesn't surprise me,” said my strongest friend as he bounced the ball over and over to his strongest friend, “knowing what I know about your fathers death that seems like a perfectly rational emotion.”

Are you going to be in the ThreeFiftyCrew one day?” I wondered out loud.

There is a seat in a surf life saving boat waiting for me, if I can make it that far, that is. When I get through the rehab on my shoulder I'll be able to sit in a starboard seat, I still got a strong right arm and my left leg has handled the load so far - so good. Rowing a life saving boat is all about balance, not strength, my uncle says, once you got the right stance and know how to keep your balance every thing else comes naturally when you empty your head and open your heart.”

He threw the ball with his strong right arm, he threw it as high and as far as he could towards the ocean, towards the horizon, to where the ThreeFiftyCrew could be seen heading safely for home and the dog disappeared after it.

You are part of my life saving boat crew”, said my strongest friend.

Who else is in that boat?” I asked.

You will recognise my brother in the seat beside you, right where he been sat since you two were nippers, don't worry about the other two rowers, just know that they've got your back.”

I didn't speak, watching the dog coming back with a mouthful of ball and the stance of the sweep and the sweep of the oars as the ThreeFiftyCrew neared the beach, then I felt the tears running down my cheeks. I looked over, deep into the eyes of my strongest friend and he said..

On that day, when we get out there, out beyond the waves, out where the sun rises and sets on the sea, you and me and the rest of the crew are going floating like a bunch of turtles, just floating on the waves and gazing at the moon and maybe then, everything we learnt on the journey will make sense.... GjF

Speaking about google, over the last months I created Looks like my old mate the google bot, I say my old mate the google bot because google bots been botting my cyber space since the first google bot was born and I suppose I had better tell you how that came to be. As you ought be aware dear linear scholar, rebelart is my cyber nick, has been the beginning, anyway, when the google bot was born, I was 3 cyber years old and the web was millions of times smaller than it is today, for example, there were only xxx,xxx cyber citizens on earth back then, not the xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx we have today and in 1995, 1996,1997 Big Bong Cyber Space was a stand out piece of cyber artistry. Sure the content was mostly about it's self, but thanks to the reality update/blog component Big Bong cyber space was an ever evolving web and exactly the kind of thing that every search engine bot was hoping to find and when web camera imagery was added in 1998 and 99, well, I gotta tell you, there was no web space quite like Big Bong Cyber Space, still isn't. That said, one way of looking at Big Bong Cyber Space is as a testiment to 18+ years of commitment to successful manifestation in the cyber wwworld and 19+ years of failure to do so "in the real world". Like I often say in the real world, one needs judge one's successes by what one has to give up in order to acheive and/or maintain one's successes and I could - and prolly will - go happily to my grave with out ever actualy building a Big Bong in the real world and I doubt very much that my last words will be - If only I had of built a Big Bong, LOL, I hope I can remember or have enough time to say.....So long and Thanks for all the Spliffs. Hmmn, that's a thought, maybe it's time I impended the demise of Max Stone on facebook and migrated over to google plus.

Speaking about 420, which I wasn't but I ought, I know that I independantly decided to light up my scale model 'Big Bong Peace Pipes' in front of my web cam at 4.20 pm as part of the weekly 'BBt-PPP Global Gatherings' in 1998 and so does Cannabis Dave the who used to meet me online at that time, I know that when I got to Nimbin I started asking people to join me to light up at 420 in front of my web cam in 'the peace camp' - the activists at and to name a couple and I know that for over a decade Cannabis Dave and/or I sat in the Nimbin H*E*M*P Bar inspiring thousands upon thousands of other locals, back packers and aussies to light up at 420 and every since the very first one in 99, which was celebrated by, you guessed it, Cannabis Dave and me, (plus Paris, Ruben and Felix) has lit up at 420 and I also know that of all the people I have ever met - on line and off -none of them was 420ing before I was. Point being, so what, so what if I been 420ing longer than anyone, 420, like the google bot and the internet, all evolved around me, I was there to watch it grow, I got the benefits of being in the vanguard of those who was helping spread the mythos of FourTwenty - and every MardiGrass since 1999 the number of people sharing 420 with me has increased. Mission accomplished ;O)

And thus, having run out of stuff to talk about and link "to" (do have a quick check at - never  know ;0) for the "turd" month of twenty fourteen, the only thing left to tell you at this point in cyber space and time dear linear scholar is that maybe you can find me sitting at the POLITE table on the back veranda of the Nimbin H*E*M*P* Embassy (or in the H*E*M*P* Bar), in the drugsense Chat Room or perhaps on the Nimbin H*E*M*P*Embassy Forums or, plus/and if you have access to facebook go to
FaceBook ID = Max Stone.

till next



P.S Did you ever hear about the arrest for the cultivation of the Cannabis Plants that were to have been the focus of the 2001 webshow.


Scene of the first Big Bong WebShow. April 1996
The Big Bong Shop on the corner of Cleveland and Abercrombie Streets
Surrey Hills Sydney Australia. .