Reality Update
'They who can assimilate the past, can synthesize the nowww,
they who can synthesize the nowww, can maximize the potential of the future'
                                                                         Quote = Eric Blair +

First up webstuff = all sublinks open a new w window

webgreetings and welcome to the 2002 Cyber Trash Museum.

Clicking on the links below (in order) will reveal the morphing of the reality update word assemblies for the year 2002 (web year 7).

till next



P.S. the sound you "might be hearing" is a snippet from The Man in the Dark Sedan by Snakefinger and the Residents.

P.S.S.S.T? Did you hear about the arrest for the cultivation of the Cannabis Plants that were to have been the focus of the 2001 webshow?

And the absolute last thing you might need to knowww is that Eric Blair is the real name of George Orwell.