Reality Update - January - Y2K.

A note to new conspirators, unlike the MAIN BBt-PPP Web Zone, this Sub-Zone is subject to FREQUENT ALTERATION, so if you don't regularly dump your cache, your I.S.P or your browser settings may mean that you may need to manually push refresh each time you visit this page in order to receive the latest information.


webgreetings Dear Linear Scholar,

Suppose the first thing I'd better tell you is WHY IT IS that when you look out the window of BBt-PPP Head Quarters all you can see is the tranquil scene of cannabis plants innocently growing INSTEAD of the construction site of the Big Bong Peace Pipe.

So having cleared up the dilemma above, it's time to talk about the tranquil scene of cannabis plants innocently growing, what you see is literally the view out of the window of BBt-PPP Head Quarters, it's the view of a real place in the physical world that you can visit any time you happen to be geographically convenient, however, the 'reality' is that BBt-PPP Head Quarters is hidden high in the Hills above Nimbin, past the end of a road rarely travelled- in the midst of a rain forest and it requires more than the average amount of effort to arrive, so you'll need to be prepared for at least an overnight experience.

In the BIG Picture, the current cyber set is mostly a test for the web casting equipment that we will use during the Construction Phase, if you are wondering why the current cyber set is decorated with Cannabis Plants, well the plants that you can see have many purposes, they form the basis of the seed crop that will be grown to weave Tee Shirts from, other reasons for focusing the web cam onto Growing Cannabis Plants include;

1) Something to watch while you smoke a Peace Pipe.
2) It's more interesting than focusing on me typing.
3) The symbolism inherent in growing plants.

It is worth pointing out that the bud portion of these Plants WILL NEVER BE for sale on the black market or in reality, they are being exclusively grown for the purpose of entertaining the members of the BBT-PPP conspiracy AND NOT for financial gain or resale.

Ummmmm, what else can I tell you? Ummmmm, can't think of anything just at the minute besides little qwerty is still in a coma and Mirpazoid is wwworking well ;O)--~

Till next.