Reality Update - March - Y2K.

A note to new conspirators, unlike the MAIN BBt-PPP Web Zone, this Sub-Zone is subject to FREQUENT ALTERATION, so if you don't regularly dump your cache, your I.S.P or your browser settings may mean that you may need to manually push refresh each time you visit this page in order to receive the latest information.


webgreetings Dear Linear Scholar,

First thing I need to tell you is the WHY IT IS that the webcast is a tranquil scene of cannabis plants innocently growing INSTEAD of the construction site of the Big Bong Peace Pipe.

So having cleared up the dilemma above, it's time to talk about the webshow/webcast, as you know, the current cyber set is mostly a test run for the image transfer system that we will use during the Construction Phase and all input thus far has confirmed that the current series of webcasts are even more pppopular than the previous series, PPPoint is, that the current series of webcasts is coming to it's natural conclusion, we have wwwatched as the plants have grown from seedlings to maturity and all that is left to do before we close out this current series of webcasts is the Full Moon Harvest ALL Weekend Webshow happening 18-19 March.

After the Harvest, the plan is to spend the last week of March webcasting close up images of the harvested fruit from inside the drying shed, speaking of close ups and highlights and stuff like that, I have fallen some what behind in updating the High Lights and the Slide Show, I'd apologise, but the simple fact is that the current webcasting unit, Mirpazoid, is a one task cyber sled,which means that in order for the web cam to work in the constantly changing outdoor light, it needs to be the primary/only program running on the desk top, and after running the web cam all day long, the last thing I feel like is doing is sitting on an old canvas steamer chair formatting hypertext in the candle light. I don't want to sound negative or anything, but there are only so many hours in the day and there is only me to do the wwwork, but don't worry, I'll catch up.

Ummmmm, what else can I tell you besides Little Qwerty is still in a coma? Ummmmm, can't think of anything just at the minute besides I gots lots of Pots boiling and lot's of irons in lots of fires at the moment and I expect to be making a BIG announcement shortly, natch, here is where I will be making the next BIG announcement.

Till next.



Left Over Lines from last month....

If you are wondering why the current cyber set is decorated with Cannabis Plants, well the plants that you can see have many purposes, they form the basis of the seed crop that will be grown to weave Tee Shirts from, other reasons for focusing the web cam onto Growing Cannabis Plants include;

1) Something to watch while you smoke a Peace Pipe.
2) It's more interesting than focusing on me typing.
3) The symbolism inherent in growing plants.

It is worth pointing out that the bud portion of these Plants WILL NEVER BE for sale on the black market or in reality, they are being exclusively grown for the purpose of entertaining the members of the BBT-PPP conspiracy AND NOT for financial gain or resale.