Flat Earth POLITICAL Dynamic.



a ruling class

an enforcing class

on top of the masses.

(The "Few on Top" controlling / ruling the many,
in other words an Oligarchy with no where for anarchy ;o)

New WWWorld Dynamic.


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No matter where each stands politically, socio-economically or geographically, each can contribute equally to the Mass Consensus therefore;


Equality = Mass Consensus wwwebbed

History has proven that a decision is only as good as the facts upon which it is based, the formation of a globally dispersed mass consensus will enable all of the facts to be assembled before any arbitrary decision is enacted.

All input is quantifiable in digital form by a communication mechanism that transcends ego and direct personal involvement. Each individual therefore poses a percentile part of the problem and can provide a proportional amount of the solution, with no more effort than a mouse click. The fact that 100% of people are like 100% of people will mean that from any arbitrary view point all input will be contained within a Bell Distribution Curve, the analysis of this data will then determine the most agreeable result for all.

With no need for a ruling class to make rules, there will no need for an enforcing class to enforce, what are in essence, 'minority opinions'. This will mean that an Enabling Class of society will evolve amid, rather than OVER the masses. In the 2000 technological world one man can do the work of ten 1900's men, 15 1800's men and so on, therefore each 2000 individual need only to work a fraction of his total life in order for society to remain at a point of stasis.

This requires a Copernican Shift in the way that work is perceived and valued, for example, a percentage of the average individuals life span will be devoted to education that will enable EVERY individual to become a quality component of the Enabling Class that services society at some stage of their life, tasks will be be allotted to the individual based on the individuals desire to work in said field.

The fact that the Earth is a "Ball in space," a closed system and not an infinite resource to plunder, forms the corner stone of Globalist Thinking, the Mass Consensus will enable Global Resource Management, for example propositions like.....

"The most Humane Solution to Global Over Population."

"Should a 5 year moratorium on all human birth be enacted?"


A global resolution by all humans to cease all birth of "new" humans for 5 years will mean that billions of mouths that have to be fed will NOT be created. This 5 year period could be used to assess global resources and allow a period of resource redeployment to ensure the survival and improve the lifestyle of all global citizens equally and equitably.





WEB TRANSLATORS NOTE: Some of the words above have been extracted from the PROSE Version of E= MC webbed, of course the PROSE Version was extracted from the original poetic version and this "core piece" has been web published in many htm versions since July 1997, the best surviving copy of the Full length "Original Poetic Version can be found here.. It is also worth noting that the E= MC webbed concept as presented above is far from fully formed, it is a work in progress, and the more you write about something the more you learn about it and anyway E = MC webbed  is more a projection of how the world could be when everyone everywhere is webbed than how the world WILL be.