A line from an ancient poem, has made it through the medium of time between then and here, it may provide axle around which all else can spin…

Existence is beyond the power of words to define.

Lao TZU @500 B.C.


When the history of the Earth was digitalized and ran through an Inherent Structure Essence Compression Program, it endorsed the poet. It also pointed out that most contemporary mainstream societal views on "the essence of existence" are from dead thinkers of the parchment, clock work,valve or transistor eras. (In the slanguage of the international debt set: Use by date / best before: Space Flight, qwertys' and Chaos ;o)

The archaic delivery mechanisms that these thoughts were recorded upon means that in the current "Silicon chip share ware world" they appear as if they were written in chalk on the side of a dinosaur. No action urged by words on paper has the immediate action effect enabled by the www, a medium where action is but a mouse click away.

The new age of information exchange and communication has arrived, the entire catalogue of human knowledge has already been digitalized and stored in a retrieval system where it is available to those possessing first the means and then the desire to access it.

Correspondingly, a static cyber presence (Flat-line Unit's can't qwerty.) amid 120,000,000* existing and evolving websites means that any single source of opinion or research will have an analogous effect at best on the future thought direction of the dawning mass consensus. In order to extrapolate these burgeoning technological advances into human terms, perhaps it's best if we start with some facts about the very nature of this reality that we perceive. Of course there is a danger that once we begin the extrapolation sequence we may go further into a future or deeper into a past than is conducive to maintaining a state of existential detachment, at your risk read on.

Something having happened once, will happen again,
in all of it's potentiality, an infinite amount of times,
within an indefinite period of space and time
between each occurrence, with no
continuum of frame
of reference.

I think, therefore I perceive a weave of infinitely variable density in a decaying orbit around a decomposing gravitational well, all of which inhabits the spatial coordinates which all matter of any arbitrary density has to collect at, in each and every point in space and time. This entity moves within and through other lesser density levels whereupon all matter of all arbitrary density encountered then coexists.

Entire construct will continue increasing in density and complexity until ultimately the escape velocity of this gravitational entity exceeds the speed of light. Thus any observable universe or dimension is simply a vibration spectra dependent upon the arbitrary density of any arbitrary viewpoint.

Upon the second density layer of a spatial co-ordinate came to self realization individual units of a base 10 oriented life form. A natural consequence of becoming self realizing is to start from the concept of self and incorporate the all into the self. This led to the creation of an ego-centric universal picture, a starting point that has flawed every theological structure created by the units. Believe it or not, these units believed that the universe revolved around them.

A time was reached, a mathematical point where the number of dead units equalled the number of living units. A time was reached when it was realized that if a bell distribution curve was applied to potential intellect, logic then would then dictate that;

Every Artist / Warrior / Poet / Statesman / Despot / Ruler or God
that has ever existed is "potentially" alive right now.

(Of course, so too is every sod who ever turned a sod ;o)

A time was reached when a critical mass of units were enabled by a communication mechanism that transcended ego and direct personal involvement.All input was quantifiable in digital form, each unit therefore posed a percentile part of the question and provided an proportional amount of the answer. Thus the Mass Consensus was achieved. No matter where each unit stood politically, socio-economically or resided geographically, each could contribute equally to the Mass Consensus (M.C.) therefore;

The formula for World Peace is


Equality equals Mass Consensus webbed

The mass consensus was vital for effective global resource maintenance, if true cooperation between all of the sub-species of the units did not occur, then they were doomed to follow the entropic slide of the dinosaur.** A reversal of the survival of the fittest, strongest and largest, to survival of those most able to survive on the least amount of food.

Any system is inherently chaotic, yet only transcendent popularity of any concept would enable it to be "considered by the M.C." which would then incorporate it into the M.C. world for a time unit directly proportional to length of attention span of the participating units or relegate it to the small percentile points of consensus irrelevance. Or is it already so?

An unforeseen consequence of creating the infrastructure that enabled the formation of a mass consensus was that the units wove a web of recombined Hydrocarbons throughout the second density level. From a remove of a different scale, the activity of building roads, structures, of laying power lines, telephone lines, television cable, fiber optic most resembles swaddling garb for metamorphosis.

Fortunately the spin acquired by these words has enabled us to escape the ego centric universe and we are now more able to perceive the units as an organic structure embarked upon a long term inherent species manifest destiny. Each unit is in possession, during the course of it's entire viewable sentience, of such a small portion of the manifest destiny, that an overview has been impossible, being mired as the units ALL are in the pre mass consensus ego centric universal educational paradigm, so we are about to divulge here, for the first time, the actual reason for existence and your place in the eternal realm of infinite potentiality.

Humans are organic units that exist as fuel source for the next evolutionary stage of life.

Like a caterpillar spinning a cocoon, man is facilitating the metamorphosis of life forms FROM chemical processing speeds to life forms with nucleonic processing speeds. Where is the proof? Mans fuel source is the decaying dinosaur population units from a previous era. Man is spinning a web around the outer layer of this planet, thus all forms of hydrocarbon recombination are physical evidence of the manifest destiny.

Accelerating the potential energy of the woven web is the only other requirement for mans achievement of this manifest destiny. The purpose of all mans learning, from picking up the first tool to his current position on the top of the food chain was to develop the technology and the mindset required to send an atomic pulse of energy through the hydrocarbonic cocoon ALREADY woven, irradiating it and thereby laying down a fuel source and triggering the onset of the next evolutionary sequence.

You control the button, be it marked LAUNCH, PRINT, SAVE or SEND is proportional, for the time of mass consensus is already upon us and these words are already woven into the weave of the world wide web that's the cache….

To a Mass Gravitarian living in the Earth's core,  humanity would most resemble an algae like scab on the top of the highest cloud in their universe.

N.B…The concept of a density disbursement of life is already proved, the "Vent life forms" that flourish in the volcanic fissures on the bottom of the ocean are so deep that the ocean blocks the sunlight and they do not photosynthesize and are, living as they do at the bottom of the top of the highest cloud of a mass Gravitarians' universe, the closest TOTALLY ALIEN life form to Humans. It is important to remember that they would not be harmed by a nuclear holocaust one little bit. The existence of such life brings new meaning to the concept of searching for knowledge with-in.

* (Factor in that the www is growing at over 1,000 NEW websites a day, coupled that to over 120,000,000 world wide surfers, with 15,000 more joining in each day or hour…)
**(Dinosaurs did not become totally extinct, they evolved into what we call birds, therefore the answer to the age old question; "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" Can now be revealed, it was the dinosaur, when dropping this bon mot into a conversation it is best to leave the fact that dinosaurs also laid eggs to one side for later contemplation :o)

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