BigBongBBlog / Reality Update
March - 2010

'They who can assimilate the past, can synthesize the nowww, they who can synthesize the nowww can maximize the potential of the future'
                                                                         Quote = Eric Blair +

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webgreetings Dear Linear Scholar,

First time here? If so, first thing you need to know is that we been bumped up at a pause point for more than a couple of years now, wwwaiting for the Law to change and the next thing you need to knowww is that Big Bong Reality has been Updated Monthly for *at least* the One Hundred and Seventy Fifth time since September 1995. (Over 14 web years old, as for how many actual "Realty Updates" written in more than a decade and uploaded 'in between' the *at least*175 monthlies? Dunno, except that its way way more than 420, this is FER SURE the most often overwwwriten webpage in all my cyberspace ;O)--~

Historically speaking, this reality update feature was one of the main clauses written into the 2 year contract I signed in September 1995 (with I.R.C.S.A) for the first BigBong website  Clause = Author (that's me) to supply a reality update every 2 weeks for duration of contract (2 years) - which I did, they figured (rightly) that without me to write fresh words, the Big Bong web site wouldn't be a 'proper" website. In September of 97 when the contract was finished and I.R.C.S.A decided to step aside, I kept the website with it's reality update going and have never missed upgrading this page, which, I suppose makes this one of the longest running blogs on the web, of course, I write way way way more words per month than what you can see in here - most of the heavy duty blogging I do/have done is viewable at the teXt-files, I digress - mostly to illustrate the continuity nightmare that blogging can create when a 'first timer' hits a blog and all the information on display requires prior knowledge.....

METAphorically the Big Bong web construct can be likened to a solar powered space craft, each sail is made of <html> shaped in such a way so as to powwwer the web construct through cyber space, kinda like a sailing ship through the ocean. Since powering up the webcam can be likened to firing up the 'prime thruster' of a rocket ship and since the BBt-PPP Cyber Capsule was designed to only light up the prime thrusters at the start of construction and since there are so many sails powwwering the BBt-PPP, it has made sense to let the 'good ole' BBt-PPP Cyber Capsule voyage blurbingly along its eccentric tangent towards materialization at a future point in space and time whilst I went else web to construct other smaller, more maneuverable constructs powwwered almost entirely by web cam imagery, portals originally designed as tug boats for the BBt-PPP which were designed to morph into 'retro rockets' with the passing of time.

Thus, you know some of the wwwhy why this page morphed into an elseweb portal page over the last few trips round the sun, a book markable sign post page that is never more than a "mouse click" away from wwwhere-ever the wwwords are being wwwoven in the now.

Thing is, that I never set out to become a Big Bong builder or a Cannabis Law Reform Activist, I set out to become a writer and as you can imagine dear linear scholar, after such a long time of not being able to manifest all of the myriad requirements that obstacle me in reality you would think I would be some what discouraged, not so, I mean, I knew from the instant that I had the idea, that actually building Bongzilla (my nick name for the Big Bong Peace Pipe) was going to be somewhere the other side of highly impossible.

Thing is, I am not discouraged, because no matter how impossible building a 420 foot high Big Bong Peace Pipe might look in 14 years later in the March of 2010, it is definitely and significantly less impossible now than it was when I first had the idea on the 29th of June 1994, not to mention the fact that the writer/artist in me has had plenty of outlet weaving what amounts to an entire sector of cyber space, which is why, when all is said and done, I am not discouraged by Bongzilla being bumped up at this pause point, not when there is so much happening in the real world of my highly subjective reality ;O)--~


Getting on to 15 years online... this time fifteen years ago I had a box of pens and 2 notebooks full of poems and ideas, I didn't own or really know how to use a computer and/or how to write a book. 16 years ago I had finished one finger typing up the manuscript that ultimately became the novel that this entire webspace is constructed "upon" on a 386 with 4 MB of RAM and was actively engaged in the promotion of the novel. 15 years ago, the BiG BonG TheorY was selling in book stores all  over Sydney and Internet was a word I had heard on television whilst 'back packing' in the U.S.A (91-94), of course, I had been reading about global computer networks in science fiction novels since I learnt how to read, but 'reading about' and 'writing with-in' are entirely different things, which loopingly brings me to the main point of this word assembly, the "weblog" component of this March 2010 Reality Update.

Anyhow, as I said above, I up date this page on the first of the month and over write it during the month if something is actually happening, and, well, not much will be happening in March, but I can talk about what I did on the 27th of February..

BIG JOINT goes to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian MardiGra  2010:

By car, by bus, by train, by truck and on foot, the team assembled with random precision in the A.C.O.N (Aids Council of NSW) basement at 2.30 o'clock. At about 2.31, the Big Joint Inflation device blew up in such a way that it ceased to blow up. Unbelievable. It was working fine when we left Nimbin. There we were, with only 1 %of the BJ inflated and it was suddenly looking like we had all come a long way for nothing. I cannot speak highly enough of Peter Smith, he had organized everything with outstanding attention to details and when a problem arose, (like this one,) he solved it with alacrity.

Gary the butcher and Pete zoomed off in Garys Ute looking for a replacement leaf blower, by all accounts it was a mad dash from the centre of Sydney stopping at every hard ware store. They got to Ashfield before they found one and they only made it back just as the 4 O’Clock LOCK DOWN locked down. We then inflated the other 99% with out a problem and were all good to go by 6.00 PM at which time, we moved the BJ up to the marshalling area into our spot…. Directly behind about 150 gay police men and women! Yep, the AFP all marching hand in hand behind a bright red police car with flashing lights, which was right behind a music truck with a gay policeman mixing up the music and a contingent of NSW gay police as well.

7.55. As the sun went down the wind sprang up, gusting to 15 knots and there was real concern amongst the parade officials as to the safety of our float. The Obama banner with its bamboo frame was judged too dangerous unless we cut ‘wind slits’ into it, which we were not prepared to do and so, Obama was out. The parade officials then became concerned that the BJ could ‘get loose’ and hurt some. You can imagine the scene dear reader, the parade is less than 5 mins away from starting and the wind was getting windier. I said to the dude, tell your boss that the combined weight of the people carrying the joint exceeds the weight of the BJ by a significant factor, well over 20 to 1, it can’t get away from us, we’ve got hold of it with ropes. After a few minutes the word came down from ‘upon high’ that we could participate if we added more ropes, which we did.

The BJ was the 27th in the procession; there were at least 100 more floats behind us, which meant the crowd was still relatively fresh and impressionable when we walked by, they had yet to reach a point of super sequin saturation and still had plenty of lung power left for cheering and since a lot of those lungs was connected to plastic whistles, it resulted in the loudest concentration of sound I have ever been in. That crowd definitely loved the BJ and more to the point, the vast majority of them signaled that wanted the law to be changed, by waving and yelling out LET IT GROW and similar slogans, leaving me in no doubt that including the Big Joint in the G&L parade was a superb public relations exercise for the HEMP movement. Well done everyone, well done. And thus, having run out of stuff to talk about and link to for the 'turd'' month of twenty ten, the only thing left to tell you at this point in cyber space and time dear linear scholar is that you can find me most days of the week being "active" in the H*E*M*P*Party Bar... maybe you can find me in the drugsense Chat Room or on the Pot [r]evolution Bill Boards plus, if you have facebook: check out

till next



P.S. the sound you "might be hearing" is a snippet from The Man in the Dark Sedan by Snakefinger and the Residents.

P.S.S The video images of the BigBongMobile @ Mardigrass are in the BIG-MOVIES Sector at

P.S.S. Did you hear about the arrest for the cultivation of the Cannabis Plants that were to have been the focus of the 2001 webshow.



Scene of the first Big Bong WebShow. April 1996
The Big Bong Shop on the corner of Cleveland and Abercrombie Streets
 Surrey Hills Sydney Australia. .