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NEWWW for October 2005 is
 BigBongMobile BBBlast-off.avi

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 First BIG-Movie is "Big Things" a section copied on video tape by my mum of the "Blue Goose Production / Documentary "Seven Wonders of the Highways" that appeared "Coast to coast" in Australia on ABC TV on Wednesday, September 15th 2004. This was filmed in 1999.

There are 2 versions of Big-Things;

.../56 MEGAByte big-things.mpg.
.../29 MEGAByte big-things.wmv.

The next BIG-Movie is "Free Marijuana @t the 2005 Nimbin MardiGrass" there is the 76 MEGA Byte: 8 hour 40 minute dialup download = wmv that starts with the finale of the BigBongMobile POT Art Demonstration at the MardiGrass and features a walk thru the front doors and down the aisle of the H*E*M*P*Bar.

.../76 MEGAByte Free-Marijuana.wmv

There is also the "BigBongMobile @ the 2005 Nimbin MardiGrass", a 36 MEGA Byte; 4 hour 20 minute dialup down load = wmv that only focuses on the main street action..

.../36 MEGAByte Marijuana-Freed.wmv

Natcherally, download speeds for cable and ADSL are much faster than dial up.....

CLicK = here for the website @bout the 2005 BigBongMobile POT Art Demonstration

NEW for October 2005 is the
 BigBongMobile BBBlast-off.

Also available in Quicktime;























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