Travellers Twist of Strings.

A TToS a part of traveller lore, of obscure and differing origins, a TToS is many things to many people. The current twist that is around my wrist has been in place since the morning I walked into the office of my last employer in march of 1994 and told him "I'm back walkabout."

Every loose thread I find is tied on with three knots and a wish that is granted when the string rots off.

ttos.jpg (9218 bytes)


Since it's tied around my wrist permanent like, it's a pretty bedraggled looking decoration at the best of times. It's no where near as colourful as Travellers Twist of Strings is for example ;o(

As to whether it works or not I'll tell you when it rots off, I will say one thing however,  since I tied it on, many of my dreams have come true.

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