This picture was taken on the side of the Bruce Highway just south of Townsville, far North Queensland..

Welcome to my home, unlike other homes, my place of residence is an item of luggage and hence cannot be connected to any one telephone or power source, other than that, the rent is non existent, the view ever changing and a procession of interesting dudes are always dropping by.

Living out of a back pack means you are always an hour from "Out the Out Door," as to what I pack? Why, every thing that's worth carrying is the answer. ;o)

The main item now-a-days is my current wwweb-eyed POTPAL, a corporate cast off IBM Think Pad 755CD that is loaded as a htm cybersled, it's a one trick pony designed to weave htm wwwebs, I also carry an umbrella, a ground sheet, sleeping bag, billy can, water, coffee and food for a couple of days, all the clothes I need/have or rather have a need of. Include pen, paper & a novel to read when not writing and that’s about it.

Back Button on Outta here ;O)