IN Reality..

THE BB-PP must be judged amongst it's peers?

Heard a rumor about attaching a gigantic beard to this building and beginning to market sex toys under the Banner "the Bearded Clam" this is a little big object located in Que, that the near Que not the Far Que. bought a plastic bannana harmonica here in 1969, marketing plan hasn't been changed since, just expanded. more a gas station than a symbol of prawn-shrimpness.

The purpose of this web zone is to document the attempt to construct, in the very least, an item of similar tourist attractiveness as the business pictured above.

Unlike the businesses above however, which were created by stable citizens for mainstream society for reasons best kept to them selves, I mean surely we are talking 'monumental' fruit and tool fetishes? I digress, to light the Big Bong Peace Pipe requires a change in the law of the land, the fact that no one voted that the law be put in place in the first place doesn't change things in reality.

If the Government changed the laws then a viable business along the lines of the business above could begin almost over night. All of the research done to date, gathered over 4 years & over 50,000 K's of hitch hiking around all of the tourist attractions in Australia, research data that weighs kilograms, the only conclusion is that the Big Bong would become the #1 tourist destination in it's genre.

The situation as I type is the only thing missing in the construction equation is venture capital/gadgetbudget.

So until there are enough tickets to the "Finale Scene/ Lighting Ceremony" reserved, as a kind of gate guarantee for investors, and/or the cannabis laws are changed, the Peace Pipe can only be a Virtual Reality, as tantalisingly out of reach as the reality of world peace is it's self.

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