Web Greetings Dear Linear Scholar.

How're you going so far?   Starting to get the hang of the sublink layout of this web construct? Hope so ;O) This zone has a purpose in the NOW, ie to construct the first purpose built symbol to wwworld peace, however, the actual mechanism of this web zone is to tell the story behind the construction, or rather to document the attempt to construct, what is, in our 'turn of the century 1990's world,' an illegal item. Anyway, back to the labyrinthine sublink structure of this web zone, a Continuity By-Pass has been added to the bottom row of PPP logos, (3rd from the right) on the main "IN DOOR." This leads straight to the Current Cyber Studio, web-where ever it may be. Other Continuity Clues include the sublink thing that "should" tell you whether or not you have visited the sublink or not. Also, set your screen size to 640X 480 or 800 X 600 and set the "Font size" to medium in YOUR BROWWWSER for the correct cyber viewpoint so to speak ;o)

Just before I head back UP LINE to  web-where ever the NOW is happening, I would like to add that you won't have to look too hard to find typo's, missed &/or misspelt wrods and various other formatting errors, it's not exactly sloppy typing or poor grammer grammar, the occasional typos & pissmellings remind me that to der is human.

Till next,

Peace G. ;o)