A Peace Pipe Project
Paraphernalia Peace-Seed Package Please.


Available for delivery any wwwhere on this Planet.

A.P.P.P.P.P-S.P Contains at least;
1 TEE-SHIRT/TICKET With Certificate of Authenticity,
some Postcards, a Bumper Sticker or 3,
all packaged with printed A-4
Propaganda Pamphlets.

bowstrp.GIF (4491 bytes)


Click Here, in order, to order, a Pee-Pee-Pee-Pee-Pee.


STEP ONE: Locate the necessary $50 U.S. (+P&H) that you need to buy a P.P.P.P.P and where in the wwworld you want your P.P.P.P.P posted to.

STEP TWO: Send an E-mail requesting the assembly of YOUR P.P.P.P.P. by Clicking on the Image above or simply by Clicking Here. The confirmation E-mail/E-voice will totally explain the following steps, type to you then... Peace G.