qwerty interface.

The initial profit component of the first 250 or so Tickets is allocated to updating the current Image transmission hardware and software. The present Image transmission platform is a Lap Top that has a 500 MB hard drive, 16 meg of RAM and a 28.8 bps modem using the cheapest available parallel port webcam. 

Whilst little qwerty limps along well enough to weave the various written components of this webzone, it simply cannot carry the load required in the future and so must be replaced, besides which,   little qwerty  is a corporate cast off, it was literally thrown away as being too old, too slow and not worth the $ to repair and that was in 1997, since then it has thousands more hours of "Power Use" pounded into it, and if it wasn't for the fact that  all the files that are created on it are saved to the wwweb, it would be completely useless.


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