Cannabis is currently mostly illegal, by this I mean, the ludicrous situation where a couple of Australian States have Decriminalized Cannabis and the rest send smokers to crime school for smoking a naturally occurring herb. The truism that it costs Australian Tax Payers about $1200 per week to keep a Cannabist in a cage is an issue rarely raised, surely society would be far better served by giving each convicted smoker $1200 a week to spend in & on their local community?

I don't think the government understands the full economic impact caused by the current street price of cannabis, over $500 an ounce at street distribution level. That means that Ganja is far more expensive than GOLD!! How does it make sense for millions of Australians to burn the resource equivalent an ounce of GOLD a month? I would estimate that 20% of the welfare dollar would be diverted BACK into consumer goods and the like, with a proportionate boost to the economy, when Hemp / Cannabis is Relegalized.

Whilst speaking on the price of herbs on the street, Ummmm, I have seen how much infrastructure is needed to dig an ounce of GOLD out of the ground and there is no possible way that it can cost more to grow bio mass than to crush tons of rock, particularly when the bio mass involved is a weed. Something is very wrong somewhere…

Another reason why Australia HAS to maintain it's stance on drugs is because of defence treaties with the U.S.A. Seems the small print on the treaty says we have to share the United States draconian drug policy to be on the same side…Yep that's right, if Australia Re-legalizes cannabis we will not be able to call on Uncle Sam for help if for some strange reason Australia is invaded. Mind you I would hate to be the U.S. President who refused to protect koala bears and kangaroos but that's besides the point.

Does that mean that I have to wait until America comes to it's senses before I can build my movie set? Or does it mean that I am personally responsible should Australia be invaded? (I would like to point out that I am trying to build a global Peace Pipe and I expect to be invaded by every cannabist & pacifist from every part of the planet ;o) I could also add that once the worlds population have all smoked the pipe of peace with each other then they will be at peace with each other and therefore all defence treaties will become redundant.

What government in the world could have an active anti hemp / cannabis stance if there was a viable cannabased industry bringing in millions of dollars worth of exports & providing employment, not to mention the extra tourist and entertainment dollars of the Peace Pipe Project?

I understand we are effectively saying to the government give me more of every thing you bastard, but then I guess that is just typical of the attitude of our generation, forget that X stuff, we the E generation, E is for everything by the way, the I must have & try Everything generation.

BACK BUTTON On Outta here ;o)--~