No web have U ever been,

and no web have U ever seen,

a web zone, quite like this one.



As you can see from the webscheme-A-zoid above, the Big Bong Peace Pipe Project is a little more evolved than the average web site, but, here is not the place to talk about web design and stuff like that, here is the place to assure you that there has been no better time to intersect with the Big Bong Peace Pipe Project, indeed, the web zone that awaits you today, is a far more complete zone than at any time since 1995.

Anywwway, I'd tell you more about what's in store for you deeper inside the maze, but that may spoil some of the other surprises that await you, just a mouse click away ;O)--~

"First you write a book, then you make a movie and one of the things you gotta do when you make a movie, is build the set."
concept logic component.

This way next ;O)--~

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