Meet the Spark Monks.


This .gif takes more than a minute to download at 28.8 bps ;o(


The Spark Monks used to Light the way to the 1998 BBt-PPP web zone, originally the Spark Monks were a spur of the moment idea during the May 31st 4:20 Global Gathering. There are plans to assemble an extended play colour .gif version of the Spark Monks lighting the Peace Pipe as well as a short play .avi movie version for later in the week/month/year. Spark Monk Tee Shirts are also currently being designed, as is a range of plastic replica Spark Monk Butane Lighters

All of the above should be taken with "a pinch of salt," MOSTLY because at the end of the day that was the intended purpose of the Spark Monks, they were Salt and Pepper Shakers that belonged to my Grandmother, as where she got them from, no one living has any idea....