Come & Fly with the BBT-PPP on the The words are worth waiting for even if this .gif ain't ;o)
Around the world,'Smokin' Jays

Sydney to L.A. to Dallas to UK via New York. London to the Olympic Flame via Amsterdam. Greece to Bangladesh, on to Thailand then back Sydney.



Now I can't fly a jumbo jet, but a member of this conspiracy can, what's more, I think I can pry him away from QANTAS long enough to fly us around the world one time. All we have to do is charter a Jumbo 747 in much the same way as a rock group does. We would only be interested in leasing one of the older 747's, the ones with the built in ashtrays in the arm rests ;O)--~

This is a smokers only flight and since we light up in international airspace, the choice of herbs we inhale is obviously up to us, whatever is loaded onto the plane is consumed on the plane, as part of the in-flight catering, of course the in flight meals will be all be enhanced, lot's of cookies and cakes and other munchies, remember it's no crime to smuggle "Stuff" out of a country into international airspace, a king only has power when you enter land in his realm.

Trouble is my pilot dude wants to sit in the back and join in the PPParty. I said "Fine, can we fly the whole way on auto pilot?" He answered with a gleam in his eye that Jonathan Livingstone Seagull would have approved of, "We could try."

This "plot line" of the project can only be activated when the 365 web stars have been sourced. Approximate Cost... well I figure we are going to need about $10,000 each to throw into the gadgetbudget so to speak & a month off work, but then this is a trip of a life time...…

If you want IN on the joint flight crew.Contact /~rebelart
Send an email... Subject : Joint Flight Crew
And then watch this space
for "Developments."

By the way, there are already more Global BBT-PPP Conspirators than seats on a Jumbo Jet, maybe we'll need more, maybe Virgin Airlines would be the ones to be approached? Nah, I'd probably just get offered a second hand balloon and told to go fill that with dreams and hot air