"What the Fuck was that?" exclaimed the judge, shaken by the shattered glass sensation of Glitter seguing back into his consciousness.

"A segue in the Cyber Space Continuum." replied a visibly more exhausted Glitter.

"What are they?"

"Well as best as I can understand the process, I exist in several formats at once. I'm a multi genre-ational being, some of these various formats require a qwerty interface. I simply do not have the time or the hardware to be in any one facet of this concept for too long."

"What have you been up to since our last cognisance?"

"Preparing the next exhibit for the prosecutions case."

"Shouldn't you have been working on your defence?"

"The best form of defence is a strong offence."

"Mr. Prosecutor you may continue."

"Thank you, if it please the court, I should like to present




Exhibit A was assembled LIVE to the WWW in December 1997.



"Objection Your Honor, this exhibit is Cyber Trash, it was designed to have a limited Cyber life only."

"Your Honor it goes to show how Glitter set about and IS STILL undermining the corporate image of a multi national corporation." Smarmed the Prosecutor.

Lazel changed his tack, "If it must be entered then I want it entered as establishment of Glitters Cred in the eyes of the wwweb generation and Gen X."

"So noted Mr. Lazel, but I'll allow the Prosecutor to follow this line of questioning, why don't we all interface with the construct and then I'll decide how it should be entered."

"Yes Sir," replied Lazel, "any way, I'm sure many of us here read, heard about, and probably participated in, the original Cyber Campaign."

The court room was a sea of nodding heads.

"Hey Judge."

"Yes Glitter?"

"If you really want to interface with a construct, I got the real thing right here." Said Glitter as he swiftly lifted the real thing to his lips and inhaled. The item in question was the Coke bottle bong assembled LIVE to the WWW in late 97.

The hither to unmentioned Jury all looked longing towards the Bong. The foreman spoke for all of them when he said. "Do you mind if the jury has a closer look at that?"

"Here," said Glitter as he passed across the bong, a vacuum sealed fresh Big Bong Bud Baggie of green and a dozen lighters, all emblazoned with the Big Bong logo, "I brought this stuff from a separate reality for y'all.

The Prosecutor erupted. "Your Honor, this man is on trial for smoking Marijuana and you are going to let the jury start to smoke Marijuana?"

"Mr. Prosecutor, I thought Glitter made it quite clear he brought the stash from a separate reality."

"In that case do you mind if I stand to the left of the jury?"

An indeterminable amount of time passed and then Lazel segues again.

"Your Honor?"

"Yes Mr. Lazel."

"I think the coke joke not only establishes Glitters Cred in the eyes of his intended niche audience, but furthermore it has all the underdoggian appeal of one man on the side of right against all the might of a Global Corporation."

"Mr. Prosecutor, your statement please."


"Excuse me?"

"I also think that it goes to support Glitters' Cred." Said the prosecutor, his mind a swirling mist of green liberation. "Hey anybody else notice that prosecutor almost spells Prose Cutter?

Mr. Prose Cutter are you as stoned as the rest of us? Slurred the Judge.

"Don't worry Judge, he'll be back in continuity after this next reality intrusion." said a smiling Glitter  "If y'all want some more cones before I go Else Web, then get packing, second thoughts, I'll leave the stash and see y'all next chapter."

"What are you going to be doing?" asked the judge.

"More work needed on offence I'm thinking Judge, see you next."

Everybody in the room crowded around the real thing, each knowing that they were about to be beamed to silicon stasis until Glitters next qwerty interface, as reality intrudes the scene is exactly what is in your mind right now.


This way next :O)--~