Reality Update - September - Y2K.


webgreetings Dear Linear Scholar,

Firstly to all linear scholars who signed the Peace Pipe Poll Petition this Y-D-C-M (Year, Decade, Century, Millennium) - Ummm, thanx for the input, but all the Y2K emails got nuked ;o( Fortunately, the BBt-PPP is a creature of the web and sending a weekly e-newsletter has never been a part of the plan, however, keeping a record of wwwho has signed the Peace Pipe Poll Petition is most definitely part of the plan, so please go tick the boxes one more time...

Anyway, as to what is happening in reality? wwwell, this sector of BBt-PPP cyber space has been on Auto Pilot for the last few months, so if you have just intersected with the BBt-PPP please don't think this is any thing newww, as every linear scholar will tell you, all auto pilot means is that the LIVE action is happening else web than exactly here, for example, most of the action so far this Y-D-C-M happened here, here, here, herehere or here.

It is worth mentioning that even though the BBt-PPP is on Auto Pilot, e-mails will still be answered and the Chat Room will be open as usual, wwwell at least as randomly as usual, my on line time has been anything but regular of late, mostly due to the fact that I been piloting other cyber sleds.

BUT, not for much longer, in-fact, Auto Pilot will only be engaged for the first half of September - ACTION happening HERE and HERE and HERE - because when the Big Smoke Action is over, it's time to start on.... ummmm, howww about we save that till, shall we say, the same day as the running races start in Sydney? wwwhich basically means that September should be a very interesting time for clicking to and clicking thru BBt-PPP Cyber Space....

Till next.



P.S. the sound you "might be hearing" is a snippet from The Man in the Dark Sedan by Snakefinger and the Residents.

a rough sketch of my pot hole ;O)--~

As you can see, the flag that flies over my pothole reads, Radical Fringe of the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement, mostly cause where else on the battle field in the War on Drugs would you put the dude who is actively scheming to build Big Bongs all over earth but in the pothole of the radical fringe?