Reality Update - December - Y2K.

The Chat room will be open as randomly as usual during December.

webgreetings Dear Linear Scholar,

First time here? If so, first thing you need to know is that a reality update is something like a monthly status report to MISSION CONTROL and it's party season in the land of OZ, oz-tray-lia that is.

December is the month when oz-tra-aliens kick back and relax like no other nation on earth, and I intend to be kicking back out there amongst the most laid back of them.

Natcherally the chat room will randomly open and I may sucumb to the mounting pressure and turn the webshow back on, dunno, it's a bit of an ask of the 12 volt power system here, but I might have a go at it just for the fun of it, or maybe just to see if little qwerty has still got what it takes..

Hmmmn, I have enough innocent plants on hand, I still have the standing sticks and I have enough stuff to make really neat out door qwerty enclosure, lemme see what I can put together...

Yeah, more I'm thinking on it, an out door office is way cooler to work in and it just maybe a laid back way build up a bit of momentum for the 2001 Campaign, I mean, Cannabis has never looked more like being legalized in my lifetime than it does right now and so I may as well spend what little notoriety there is left in webcasting innocent plants on webcasting innocent plants before growing cannabis plants is as big a cyber drawing card as growing tomato plants.

Till next.



P.S. the sound you "might be hearing" is a snippet from The Man in the Dark Sedan by Snakefinger and the Residents.

P.S.2 the Y2Kampaign has been a wwwonderful year of unarrested cannabis activism, (Click here, here, herehere + here, as wwwell as here, here and here,)