Reality Update - March 19 - Y2K.

A note to new conspirators, unlike the MAIN BBt-PPP Web Zone, this Sub-Zone is subject to FREQUENT ALTERATION, so if you don't regularly dump your cache, your I.S.P or your browser settings may mean that you may need to manually push refresh each time you visit this page in order to receive the latest information.


webgreetings Dear Linear Scholar,

The Peace Camp Cyber Set has been disassembled and we are about to embark upon a wwwhole newww content thread and after  broadcasting over 100 web shows from the Peace Camp, I, for one, am happy to be back inside H.Q. and looking forward to starting a wwwhole neww content thread.

It's going to take a web-day or more to set up the Cyber Set required by the neww content thread and it's difficult to say too much more about the neww content thread without spoiling the surprise, so I'll simply say that if you thought that web casting LIVE images of growing cannabis plants was audacious, wait till you see the next BIG thing ;O)--~

Till next.