BigBong Cannabis Crop 2010-11

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webgreetings and welcome to the Twenty Ten BigBong Cannabis Grow Show. The images that you are about to see - push refresh if they all don't come down and yeah, I could make thumb nails and a gallery but, as you prolly worked out by now, I am a bit old fashioned when it comes to laying out a webpage because, when all is said and done, you are more likely to read these words while the pics are downloading than you are after the pics have arrived- I digress- The cannabis that you can see below is being grown for some very specific reasons, not least of which is to smoke during the next Nimbin Marijuana March and the Nimbin Mardigrass as a "Demonstration"  of 100% all natural out door cannabis.

The central piece of this crop is the "stump plant", her genetics are Australian/Southern Hemisphere for multiple generations, no seed catalogues or genetic manipulation involved here, simply the best seeds from the best outdoor cannabis I have ever smoked in the rainbow region. Around the sunny side of the stump are some more girls and boys. This webshow is all about documenting the extreme difference compared to indoor hydroponic cannabis, 3 - or even 4 - hydro plant/crops could be grown and harvested in the time it takes to nurture these out door organics, of course, the resulting difference is more dramatic than the differential between eating free range chicken and Kentucky Fried. Now, I don't want to get bogged down in the complete lack of taste and nutrition of KFC compared to free range, nor do I want to condemn KFC for genetic manipulation, chemical based feed or the unhealthy caging of their chickens for the 7 weeks it takes them to get "from the egg to the dinner plate", I merely wanted a metaphor to help illustrate the chasm that separates the "stump plant" from the kind of pot you can buy on the black market in the city.

The old tree stump they are all planted in and around combines all the advantages of a pot with the advantages of planting in the soil. The stump used to be a rather tall 'window maker' (a hollow tree that is dangerous to cut down) and all manner of animals and insects had been living, shitting and dying in the tree hollow for many many years- interestingly there was an old mushroom at the bottom of the hollow that died almost as soon as the tree was cut down - into this was put 42.0 litres of fire ash, 42.0 litres of nitrogen fixed soil and a couple of hundred "native to the area" earth worms.

Bottom Line? NO CHEMICALS OR FERTILIZERS have been used during any stage of the plants life and the Stump is connected - via the mycelia network - to a section of old growth rain forest and thus 'the stump plant' contains the most potent organic growing medium possible. Mycelia for those not hip to the slanguage is; the interwoven filamentous mushroom like structure that links the roots of all plants in much the same way the internet links you and me to this web page. And worms! the stump is home to a gigantic colony of worms that have been thriving for years and years.