MardiGrass 2005 


webgreetings and welcome to the 2005 BigBongMobile MardiGrass "Webshow The images that you are about to see - push refresh if they all don't come down and yeah, I could make thumb nails and a gallery but, as you prolly worked out by now, I am a bit old fashioned when it comes to laying out a webpage because, when all is said and done, you are more likely to read these words while the pics are downloading than you are after the pics have arrived- I digress- The cannabis that you can see below is the third generation to be grown in the BigBongMobile POTplantPOT and all are direct descendants of the first and second generations. technically, the mobile is a very difficult POT to grow in, as you can see, not impossible, just difficult. There is "maybe" 8.40 litres of soil jammed inside the Plenum Chamber, rainforest soil enriched with worms and watered with creek and rain water. As well as a small amount of dirt, the mobile sits in a low light source most of the time, getting direct sunlight only at 4.20 PM, even so, the end result is most photogenic, especially the Single Plant Bud that is the centerpiece of the microclimate.

As you can see, the BigBongMobile was ready for transportation to  the NimbinMardigrass with wwwarpaint gleaming - instead of drying- in the sun.  ;O)--~


Bottom Line? The Big Bong Mobile  is an entrant in the 2005  NimbinMardigrass POT Art exhibition ;O)--~