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Webadapters Note: This is the science of fiction in action, what you are about to read is the fully evolved reverse cycle financing principle, it is far more effective in it’s Cyber guise than it ever could be in the confines of a novel. The printed word has none of the instant corporate contact for expression of opinion that the Internet offers.

Behind the scenes at Cyber Head quarters?

"How long have you been aware of the Web?" asked Glitter.
"Since September 1993, but I really only understood it last Friday." replied Chuckie.
There they were, the words that form the perfect quote of Net understanding, the one statement that seemingly typified web thinking in '97. The company assembled all split them selves laughing. Glitter, Max Stone and Chuckie were on the roach end of a Cyber brain storming session that had relocated from Cyber H.Q. to the nearest Bar. The table next to the trio was occupied by a swarm of back-packers from the Hostel next door where Glitter was staying, they of course, were already Big Bong Converts, many of whom were already making hard plans to join the construction crew as part of their Aussie experience. Their main hope was that Glitter could somehow finance the project before their visas ran out, so they were all listening to the rowdy conversation of the session next to them for clues as to when the actual starting date would be.
One of them, known to all as Euro-Trash asked. "So Glitter, what did you write today?"
Glitter smiles and passes out fresh "webzine down loads." The table is silent as they read;

To; The Marketing Director of Coca-Cola.

Re; Global Advertising Opportunity.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am currently embarked upon a strategic campaign to attract the attention of the entire population of the planet Earth and direct it to a single point in future space and time, to the lighting of a Statue of the first purpose built Symbol to World Peace. Due to the inherent coolness of the construction of what will be a fully functional Cannabis Smoking Device, I believe it is in your best interests as a Global Corporation to participate in this World Peace Initiative.

Your contribution would be structured in such a way so as to ensure;

1) That Coke would have sole soda distribution rights at the Finale Party / Concert / Lighting Ceremony / Global Peace Demonstration.
2) That the Coke Bottle is the first silhouette to adorn the out side of the Peace Pipe.
3) That all souvenir scale models of the Peace Pipe would be made from discarded coke bottles thereby extending the tentacles of your present subliminal marketing strategy.
4) Several Banners in our internet web construct as "Official Sponsor."
5) A Hot Link to your current internet web construct.
6) Total Coolness in the eyes of the world.

Your active financial support would ensure that the Peace Pipe will look like a clean, shiny and new coke bottle. All of this for 5% of your total global advertising budget.

Before you make any snap decisions on the viability of this concept or move into damage control, think how you came to hear of this opportunity and ask yourself how long this concept has been loose in the world and how many of your customers have heard of it.

Remember we are talking potentially the greatest single audience ever assembled in the known universe. All of whom could be told that your company DID NOT AND WOULD NOT SUPPORT WORLD PEACE.

I look forward to doing business with you,
Peace, Glitter.

P.S. For 10% of your T.G.A. budget I’ll make it look like a dirty old pepsi bottle bong.

"I can't believe I'm hearing you guys casually talking about taking on one of the worlds most powerful companies, they can sue you into oblivion." said Tom Twocountries from the next table.
Glitter replied, "Dude, when they realize how popular the Big Bong Peace Pipe Statue is gunna be with Generation X and how we can help their image of coolness they will be well and truly on side. Besides who are they gunna sue, a cyber character in a web construct based on a novel that's been read all over the world?
"I see what you mean." replied Tom.
"When coke realizes that our audience is as Global as theirs they will want to help, after all, it's more about World Peace than Drugs." said Chuckie.
"The actual construction of a gigantic Bong will attract an audience, Coke would have to see that, the core of the concept is to watch world peace evolve before your very eyes. Once the site is chosen the live feed of the construction will result in a steady traffic flow through the web construct, this would give any advertiser good exposure. For all I know their support would probably come under the Tax heading of Donation." said Glitter.
"Yes and by getting our surfers to surf the Coke Web Construct, Coke will get a blip-click-spike in their hit rate, hah, that's if they even have a Cyber Pulse at all, I mean who'd go and surf near the Coke site unless they were entering a competition or trying to get free stuff? It's like a lot of web sites, you know by their very nature that they are all Ad content. These kind of reality product web structures are an advertising executives dream, you are looking at 100% ad content coupled to a captive audience!" said Max Stone.
"I got it, we'll ask our surfers if they can send a "Please support the Big Bong letter directly to coke," said the Chuckster, "Glitter, why don’t you write a short letter to Coke that our Cyber Dudes can send from their reality?
Glitter borrowed Max Stones POT PAL (lap top) and wove this into the weave of the world wide web.

Copy, then send to

Dear Coke,

I hope you can see your way clear to sponsor the construction of the Symbol to World Peace.

If you do, I promise to always buy Coke bottles when I need a throw away Bong.

I will also promise to use Coke Cans when I want a disposable Hash Pipe.

I will be telling all of my friends in reality about this concept.

I will also visit your website for the first time.

Peace, a customer.

"How's that?" said Glitter.
"Kewl." came the chorus.
"Our Cyber Dudes can change the words around if they are feeling literary, actually, I’d like to think of this entire exercise kinda like reaching out and having a tug on a testicle hair attached to a Multi-National Corporation, said Glitter.

Here is where you tug a testicle hair.

DISCLAIMER: The Big Bong Theory is not responsible for the down load time
of the Coke construct nor information about drugs contained therein.

The Big Bong Theory States:

Computers, the Techies say, are indistinguishable from toasters when turned on.
Software the speed at which the toaster can cook, Hard ware just the heating element. The Big Bong Theory is more like the bread. No matter if consumed raw or cooked, it’s nourishment for your mind. It goes on to state that a night inside the Peace Pipe would be a whole lot more fun than a night out with Bill Gates, I mean who'd want to party with "A King Of Toasters?"

There are many thing you can do to propagate the Big Bong Theory, here are a few more.

1) Download and print the Novel, then share it with the unwebbed world.
2) Dedicate a song on your local radio station to the Big Bong.
3) Sign the Cyber Petition and join our direct emailer.
4) Spread the U.R.L. on I.R.C and in Reality.
6) Keep Surfin' thru.

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